Wednesday, August 6, 2014

i NEVER cry, but good glory - it hurt so bad!

Jumping in the RAIN!

Saying Good Bye to Sis. Strasser
Aug. 5th
1. sister landeen and i aren't getting transferred.... that's FOUR transfers together!!! 6 MONTHS PEOPLE! holy lanta. we couldn't even believe it. seriously.
2. dropped sister strasser off at the airport this morning :( sad face. i cried. i looooooove her. 
3. last week during pday we were playing chair soccer and i got SLAMMED in the face. LIKE DEMOLISHED. someone kicked the ball and nailed me and i cried! i NEVER cry, but good glory it hurt so bad hahaa
4. i prayed to be in a happy mood one day this week and Heavenly Father TOTALLY answered my prayer. He is listening!
5. i put my fake lizard on the toilet seat and then put the lid down and tried to scare sister landeen.... i think she likes lizards or something, it never works!
6. a returning less active we have been working with got her temple recommend this week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! as exciting as a baptism!
7. been having some headache troubles again... went to the chiropractor. 
8. did some service that requires *SLAMMING* wood with a hammer.... i volunteered. it was AWESOME. before each swing i would say "this one is for________!!!!!! and this one is for_______" hahaha fill in your own blank
9. went to Julian this week! it's the farthest away and smallest our area gets... like smaaaaall. a member in our ward lives up there and his graduating class was.... 15. bahahaha
10. IT RAINED!!!!!!!!!! oh my lanta i just stood there and let it destroy my hair and make up. i loooooove the rain.
11. have you ever played with a "go pro" camera? it's like an indestructible camera on the end of a stick. a member brought one to fhe last night and they were taking pictures under the water and up super high in the air. it was AWESOME. *i may or may not of used the 7 foot stick to creep on people and take pictures of them from behind bushes*

been learning recently that...........
he's going to get it figured out,
she's going to get it figured out,
i'm going to get it figured out,
and we'll get it figured out.
until then, love.

i love you! i love you! i love you!
keep working hard :) stay classy
-sister barfuss

July 29th
alright you party animals!!! i'll try to make me email more exciting than partying in provo together.... bahaha! 

1. the quiggles brought us waffles with chocolate ice cream on them one morning.... whew mama!!
2. i have a fake lizard that an elder gave me and sister landeen took it and put it in my closet and uhh........ i embarrassed myself with my reaction
3. painted the whole inside of a house this week and got more paint on my red shorts! YES!
4. Christmas music in July! whoop whoop
5. I was so exhausted this week that had to take a nap to even function... as soon as i fell asleep i had the weirdest dreams of my life.... like Katelyn Hall status  :) :) hahaha
6. "oh sisters!! don't come in! i just cooked broccoli! NOTHING is worse than the smell of a house you just cooked broccoli in!"
7. walked past a members fridge and there was a picture of Trogdor on it........... hahahahaha i seriously almost died! then i was singing the Trogdor song for 3 days......
8. i got to go on an exchange with sister strasser!! she was my trainer :) she (FINALLY!) goes home next week! we served 15 months of our mission together. not very many people get that much time with their trainer!
9. "sorry sisters. we can't meet today. my WHOLE family has lice."
10. made homemade butter. nooooot that good...
11. sister landeen did some math and she figured out that she will have to spend 3.62 hours with a guy EVERYDAY for TWO YEARS before she has spent more time with him than me. bahahahaha poor girl had to live with me FOREVER
12. talked to a super old lady and her advice for us was "don't get married until you are 26!!" then she told us how she married her husband at 18 after knowing him for 3 days.... uhhhhh......
13. so we spend a lot of time with YSAs right!? well this week we had to talk to all the RS presidents in the stake and a lot of them are the moms of people in our ward... so we were given the task of not laughing when the mom answered the door and she looks JUST LIKE HER SON!! like exactly!! hahahha it was so dang funny! it happened over and over and over. we couldn't hold it together. do i look that much like my mamas?
14. we had a guy RM come out with us this week and in the prayer before we left i said these two things... "thank you that he wants to go out with us tonight" "please bless us to take advantage of him" In ANY other setting that prayer would have been SUPER WEIRD hahaha #missionlife

been thinking a lot about this song i love... it's called 
"More Like Thee"
 by Suzanne Disparte 
 We Must Sing album. 
maybe the best song of my life. you MUST listen to it....

"faith to move what can't be moved
that which proves what can't be proved
hope to make the world seem light
shining through the dark of night
grant me these that i may be
more dear Savior, more like Thee

light that burns away my doubt
casting all the shadows out
love so pure it flows like rain
bringing life where once was pain
grant me these that i may be
more dear Savior, more like Thee"

more like the Savior everyday. 
that's the plan. 
trying alone, i'm sunk. 
 together He and I can get somewhere :)
sister barfuss

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