Saturday, April 20, 2013

I'm Alive!!

This is Marysa's FIRST letter. She must like us a lot because we got a Flick (from Bug's life) postage stamp. She wrote this the first night she was in the MTC. If you would like to see pictures of the "drop off" you can just paste this address!

Oh my goodness I'm alive! Within 10 minutes of Mom and Dad dropping me off I already had everything I needed for the day and I was in my classroom! They wisk you from table to table to table :) Haha! Tonight I had chicken, chocolate milk, and gravy.......yummmmmm. So craziness!  There are 4 sets of Elders and then me and my two companions in our district. All of the Elders, and I mean ALL of them, have had their calls for only 5 weeks!!! ARGGG! And ALL the sisters have had them for 4+ months!  What even is that!?? Hahaha  What's super cool is we're all going to San Diego English speaking! So we're all going to be good friends! We'll even fly there together.  My companions are Sister Thayler (the A is like the A in made) and Sister Pond.  (from Colorado and Indiana - I'm trying not  to be super informative with the personal info of others on this blog).  Both SUPER cool/easy to get along with. I feel so good.  Seriously though!  I bawled for like 1 minute and then BOOM I was "A" Okay!  Heavenly Father has certainly blessed me with a calm heart and courage. My name tag makes me look so rad.  The dork dot kind of takes away from the coolness though ;)I'm on the top bunk!  We have 3 bunk beds in here! HAHA  This is the first time they have had more sisters than elders report! 259 Sisters and 253 Elders!
Sorry I'm so random! 
Gotta be quick:)
I Love You So Much!
The Church is True!
I Love You So Much!
Grandpa Preece told Marysa to "give'm heck!!"

And Grandma Barfuss said, "You'll make a good Mormon Missionary"
So - we think she'll be just fine:)!!!!!!!!!

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