Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Thank You For Your Kindness in writing Marysa!

I just got off the phone with her and just like that she is off to San Diego.
Done with the MTC! She called from the airport and we had a good 45 minutes to talk.She even got to talk to Scott before he left for work - perfect timing! Her schedule was a little off yesterday as the MTC is transitioning to include WYView ( apartment complex where missionaries will stay and train and eat). So she was not able to use a computer but said there is a written letter on its way. So her P-day got skipped and she wasn't able to do any wash or anything, but she assures me she didn't pack any dirty clothes - they just got up at 3am to do their wash this morning! She has been blessed to be headache free even with her crazy schedule, and has been able to sleep - just not a lot of it! Pres. Clayton sent us her schedule for the day today, and it included 2 naps :) A companion from Texas taught her some wrestling moves (women's wrestling in Texas - go Texas!) Picture Marysa on the floor in a tiny room with 3 bunk beds, learning a take down - pretty funny!) Watch out Shad Preece!
She is VERY grateful for all the mail she has been receiving - thanks so much!Anytime you can make the Elders jealous because you have so much mail, it's a good day! Her time on a computer to read e-mails is limited, so letters are best.  And nothing is easier than sending a letter through DearElder.com - Pouch or non-Pouch.  Either way they print it, put it in an envelope and send it on its' way (for non-pouch you can keep a credit to pay for stamps)

Have a wonderful day and thanks for your support of the great work these Elders and Sisters are doing!
Sis. Barfuss will be landing soon!

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