Wednesday, May 8, 2013

She Made it to San Diego 5-1-13

We made it!! Woohoo!! The flight here was great :) I had my first missionary experience! The man next to me was named Sergio and we talked for at least half an hour.  He told me about boot camp, leaving his family, and his friends.  We had a really good conversation and I tried to bring up God and the church as much as I could :) We ended up talking about the church for a bit and he said he respected me for spending 18 months doing this.  When we got off the plane and I gave him a pass along card with my small testimony on  the inside.  Look at me being brave!  And I used to HATE talking to people!  Hahahah  Sergio is a good man that I think will accept the gospel some day.  It was weird how quickly I felt connected with him.

So as soon as we landed we went and got our baggage and there Sister and President Clayton were at the bottom of the escalator!  They took some pictures:) is was super cute!  It'a a little humid but it feels like a DREAM!!!!!! I Love It Here! It's so lush and green, with a  slight breeze.  Oh baby! I can't wait to be outside most of the day.  President Clayton says we don't do any tracting, we only use members:) very cool!  Plus, it's sooooooo hilly here!  They made us walk up their super steep driveway when we got here because it's so hard for the car to back down!  It was like hiking the "Y". Bleh.  Good thing it doesn't snow here

So here's what I've said about 20 times already. THIS IS SO AWESOME!   This is SO awesome!   This is SO awesome!  The weather, the scenery, the food, the ocean, the missionaries! Man I'm just so excited to get down to business!  We had 25 missionaries today :) Very Cool!  Heavenly Father knew this is where I belonged.  Palm trees are super cool.......I've only seen them like once!   Haha

I LOVED talking to you today! It was the perfect  way to start the day! Honestly I have the best family in the world!!Too bad for all the other missionaries:) hehehehe  We're going out with the missionaries TONIGHT so pray for me!  We're jumping right in!

 I love you so so so so so so so s o much!
Keep reading your scriptures :) keep praying :)

Sister Barfuss
PS - P-Days are tuesday in the mission.  We get 2 hours total between the companionship to email :) YAY!!!

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