Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Open Your Mouth! - 5-14-2013

It was SO wonderful to talk to you on Sunday! Honestly, I bawled after we hung up because it was just so perfect! Now i know why they only let us do that twice a year though... too much for my tender missionary feelings to handle. Haha! I don't know what it is about hearing people's voices, but MAN they bring back memories quick! I love you all so much! And even Peter said hi to me in baby talk... oh lanta i love that boy so much!
So here are the details I  forgot to tell you about during the phone call... I've been amazed at how much my love of music has been growing. Every opportunity there is to sing now,  I'm all over it. Mom, thank you SO much for making me take piano lessons and for teaching me how to sing. Very few things bring the Spirit into my heart like music does. I played the piano in district meeting :D Oh yeah mamas! I KNOW you're going to like hearing that! Guess what hymn i played ;) hehehe! You should look up the song "I am His Daughter" by Nicole (last name starts with an S). It is so good. I'm going to say that again. It is so good. Whenever I just need to sing out a praise to Heaven I turn on that song. It makes me feel so strong! YEAH!

So you know how Jessica Barfuss has a sister that serves in Mormon Battalion? I met her! She looks just like her! She's a sweetheart! Since we were wondering before I left... only the sisters that get called to the Mormon Battalion serve there. So I will be full proselyting my whole mission.

Katelyn and Todd? When do you celebrate your first date? When you would always go to Wendys and I would crash the party? Is it the 17th? Haha! Because that's my month marker... so we can all celebrate together! Good lanta I've already almost been out a month! :) Missions are so great.

So I've been asked if I know any Barfuss folk in Calgary Canada about 5 times now...seriously though. I say no.. am I right? I would love to claim some Canadianess though :) Weird how people keep asking me.

Things that should make you laugh... animals here (and in most states) hate me. Good gravy animals hate me! Hahaha! This week over 5 dogs have tried to end my life, probably 7 or 8 cats have stalked me and tried to rip my skirt off, and then we have this crow that hangs out in the palm tree right next to the window by my desk. It just chills there and talks all day long to me. Maybe it's lonely. There are snails all over the side walks in the morning when we walk out to the beach and they give me the heebeegeebees! Whew they're nasty. And to put the cherry on top of the animal kingdom, last night I was in our room getting ready for bed and I look over at my suitcase and there is a cockroach just chilling on it!! (I only know what cockroaches look like from watching episodes of Hoarders on TLC) Haha! If it was a spider I would have been calm and collected but good night that thing was huge! So I flipped out and got Sister Strasser... but when we came back it had ninja vanished. My heart dropped, for now the cockroach was within 5 feet of me but i didn't know where! We got a bowl and eventually it ran out across the floor and we pounced on it like a cheetah.  That little bugger can haul! We left the bowl on it all night because we don't know how to kill it.... we'll see about maybe flushing it down the toilet later tonight.

My favorite thing on the earth is Christmas music right!? So i started turning it on when Sister Strasser is in the shower because I know that normal human beings don't appreciate it this early in the year. But come on, every single day should be about Christ, so why not have music about Him too!? I'm with Uncle Greg when it comes to Christmas, there earlier we start celebrating, the better! We totally have a Christmas tree in our apartment :) it's up in a corner cabinet right next to this giant traffic cone that some dorky elders bought...

As for San Diego having perfect weather. I completely agree that it's perfect... IF YOU'RE 90% NAKED! (which is everyone here but us :) Hahaha) Around here you just don't wear clothes. Honestly. Not even shoes. But lets be real... if i lived here I would not wear a skirt, closed toes shoes, a blouse, and two layers of underwear and undershirt. I get sweaty so fast... so i've basically ruled out makeup. I put some on my eyes, but everything comes off by noon anyways :) Haha! YES! But whenever we're sweaty, people are kinder and let us into their house... so it's a good strategy ;) SWEAT ON SISTER MISSIONARIES!

Something I have been thinking a lot about this week... Spiritual gifts. For the longest time I really never thought that i had any of those 'cool' gifts that they talk about in the scriptures. WRONGO. If you read closer in True to the Faith and the Bible dictionary you will see that everyone has at least one of the gifts. How precious is it that Heavenly Father would take the time to personally give each of us a gift that we can use to build our testimony and the testimony of others? I invite you all to go through the list in the scriptures and see which gifts you have been given. Also, while you are reading them, look for gifts that you know other people have been given and tell them about it! Nothing is more uplifting that a genuine compliment from someone you love. Don't ever hesitate to tell people about their strengths, everybody needs to be praised. My mantra for the month... Open your mouth! Heavenly Father is proud of each of His children and is always looking for ways to bless them. Lets all pick one gift that we would love to have and take steps toward obtaining it. I'm thoroughly convinced that as we show Heavenly Father our desires and cares, He will give us more knowledge and power. You just have to believe! :) Heavenly Father loves His believers :) They have a special place in His heart.

Thank you for your support and prayers! Everyday Heavenly Father reminds me of how many people are praying for me, and it means a lot!

Sister Barfuss

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