Wednesday, July 3, 2013

*ain't nobody got time for Satan!!*


Answers: It hasn't been too hot... just hot enough for me to sweat off all my make up with in half an hour :) Haha! I don't really need anymore clothes, I'm just super bored of my clothes. But that's all good. Just part of being a missionary! Imagine being an elder! We haven't heard anything about using an iPad or church tours. President Clayton said NOTHING at zone conference. Pretty crazy! The 4th of July is going to be nuts down here! Everyone is going to come hang out at the beaches for sure. We have to come in at 6:00 that night... we're super bummed because 6-9 are our best proselyting hours! BAH! But there are going to be too many parties/drunk drivers/fireworks/madness going on, so we get to study inside for those 3 hours. 

Randomness: We hear and see an ice cream truck about twice a week. The guys that drive them are always way creepy... whew doggy! It's been "misting" around here lately. It's weird because it feels like it's raining but it's not falling from the sky, it's just like chilling in the air. Haha! We had for realsies Mexican food last night! The family we went to eat with is going to our ward so they can learn English, so we had a HUGE burrito, shrimp tacos, meat skewers, and 45 million pounds of mango. I WAS SO FULL and only half my plate was gone. Then they got out the ice cream... NOOOOOO! Now I know why there's a big joke in the mission about how all the Spanish speaking missionaries get fat. WHEW! I really had to go to the bathroom last night (unrelated to our dinner appointment Hahaha) while we were out and about, so we stopped at Del Taco to use the restroom. Well turns out that they had a lock on it and to unlock it you had to insert a quarter... WHAT!?? Last time Del Taco ever sees me in their presence! I learned some more Sign Language this past week! Now I can say "Hi my name is Sister Barfuss. I don't know sign language, but I have a cool card!" (Que the ASL elders pass a long card) SO COOL HUH!? :)

This month Sister Strasser and I have made some pretty big goals! We have dubbed July as the "MONTH OF AWESOME!!" We are ready to see things take off here and we're bound and determined to do it. Satan is completely dedicated to stopping us, but NOPE! (*ain't nobody got time for satan!!*) I'll keep you posted on how each week progresses, but let's just say that we are ready to go baby! We each received a blessing on Saturday which were each perfect, specific, and straight from Heavenly Father, we fasted, and we have been praying praying praying. We have 3 new families to teach (!!!!!!!) and by golly families are a blessing to be able to teach! The conversion process is easier when a family does it together. Thank goodness for our families. Sister Strasser and I are giddy about the future! :D

Very cool experience from this week: We were driving to visit a man who was less active and I was just looking out the window and such. I saw this girl ahead of us on her bike right!? Well she was on the side walk just riding and then all the sudden she stopped and started shaking. Then right as we drove past she fell over and was convulsing like crazy on the ground. I freaked out and told Sister Strasser to flip the car around and get back to her fast. We got a parking spot and came around the corner where I saw her fall and she was on the ground still shaking. Another person had seen it all happen and he was on the phone with 911. We stayed just in case they wanted a witness for some details. Within a few minutes there was a whole crowd there and the EMT dudes took care of her. As we walked off I thought to myself, "Why did that just happen to me? Obviously I wasn't needed. What was Heavenly Father trying to teach me? (because let's be real... He's ALWAYS trying to teach me something!) I thought about it and then asked Sister Strasser what she thought. We came to the conclusion that Heavenly Father wants us to be willing to stop everything and pull over! Do anything He prompts us to do! This experience had been a trial run of it all... So we came away with a new dedication to doing ANYTHING Heavenly Father asks of us.

WELL! Later that day we pulled up to a house where we were going to try and visit a man and we parked next to a lady with 3 dogs running around like crazy. Sister Strasser looked at them and then at me and said, "Sister Barfuss you need to talk to her." BAHHHH!!! If anyone wants to know how scary it is to street contact someone right outside of your car let alone with 3 dogs running around, just imagine how scary it would be to see Michael Jackson at the beach. Yeah, THAT bad. So I grab a Book of Mormon, get out of the car, and start talking to her about her dogs while Sister Strasser was getting her stuff together in the car. Pretty soon Sister Strasser meets up with me and stands next to me for moral support. WELL then out of no where this guy rides past on his bike and says "Is that the Book of Mormon!? I love the Book of Mormon!!" And then he starts talking to the lady we're talking to! (WHAT!??) He then bears his testimony in front of this lady for a bit and then tells us he wants to come back to church. Uhhhhhhhh IS THIS REAL LIFE!? So all of this happened because I saw a girl have a seizure on her bike, which taught us a lesson, which lead to the Spirit prompting Sister Strasser to make me talk to the lady, and I grabbed a Book of Mormon that the man saw from the street where he was riding. Miracle right!? We have a return appointment with the man on the bike! :) Well here's the take away I've found... be crazy. Do things you never thought you would do! Overcome your natural tendencies and GO FOR THE GOLD! Heavenly Father needs people who are willing to do some absolutely ridiculous things that end up being wonderful experiences that changes lives! Basically He said to me, "Sister Barfuss. Chill out on yourself. Just trust." And chill out on myself I will.

I love you! Stay safe on the 4th okay!? I'm positive the Preece Reunion is going to be so fun!! I'm proud to be an American! :D
Sister Barfuss

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