Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Get OFF My Red Curb!!!!!

It's good to see that you all are engaging in "discussions" now days... I thought Brennan and I were the only one who liked to "discuss" things, but that has changed hasn't it!? ;) haha! Thank you so much again for the clothes mamas! Both the shirts are perfect! And honestly the blue one is my new favorite! I've worn it like 3 times since you sent it! And Sister Strasser loves the perfume you sent... seriously we both are smelling delightful these days!

1. We went to the Mormon Battalion a bunch this last week! It's really fun because you get to feel the spirit AND get dressed up in pioneer gear! They always ask for a volunteer to dress up and NOBODY ever wants to do it, so I usually get volunteered for that one. Not sure why... Check out the picture of me in all the stuff!

2. We gave out 2 copies of True To The Faith this week! It was seriously as exciting as giving out a Book of Mormon because I LOVE THAT BOOK!!! My favorite as of now :)

3. We only live 23 miles from the Mexico border! Seriously though. And we're serving in the north part of the mission! One day I'm going to serve down in Chula Vista. Some people call it "Chulajuana." :) Haha

4. We went to a member's house this week and she made us a smoothie with chia seeds in it... the same ones that are in a chia pet (those one plants that look like super long hair on someone's head) Hahaha It was awesome. 

5. So one day we went to a person's house who was less active and we parked. Then we came out and Sister Strasser was backing me while I was in reverse. We got all done with that and she got in the passenger side. THEN THIS COP COMES FLYING AROUND THE CORNER AND CUTS ME OFF SO I CAN'T MOVE. The cop rolled down the window and so I rolled down mine. Here is what came out of her mouth, "You have one chance to tell me why you are on my red curb!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" I surveyed the situation and told her I was on it because we were just backing up to leave, but then I got stopped by her so now I'm on it. She then answered with,  "Nice try. WHY ARE YOU ON MY RED CURB!!!!!!!!" I then told her that I was being serious and that we were seriously just leaving. (I was still even in reverse for goodness sake!!) Then, I'm not even joking, she just sat there and looked at me. Skanked me out 100% and then said "NEXT TIME IT'S A 80 DOLLAR FINE!!!!!!!!!" I told her thank you for the information and to have a nice afternoon (and to get her panties out of a wad) and we drove off without a ticket. BUT GOODNESS PEOPLE! Sister Strasser laughed at me for a solid 20 minutes... it was SO ridiculous. But now I know... NEVER touch that police woman's red curb.

6.This week was the ComiCon Convention in San Diego, so there were weirdos running around everywhere! Comic Convention is basically when all the comic crazies get together and party... and they ALL dress up. So one day we saw Link from the Legend of Zelda at the bus stop. HAHAHA See attached picture :) 

7. So Sea World is in our area which means that Shamu is in our area right!? I have decided that in a parallel universe I would totally "sea contact" him instead of "street contact" :) hehehe Can you even believe that though!? Shamu i a mile or two away from me at this VERY moment. My life totally rocks. 

Now for the cherry on top of the week! Dinner with Al! So here are the details... Sister Strasser and I show up to the Smith's house and Al is sitting there with the two cakes he made because he wasn't sure which one we would like more. (And Al acts like he doesn't like us!?) We chit chatted and then sat down for dinner outside on the porch. The conversation was light and lovely. The people over 50 chose to talk about things that only people over 50 know about, so Sister Strasser and I just sat there and smiled and nodded every few seconds. Every once in a while we would chime in and such, things were going great. After we had some of Al's cake, Al surprised us and said, "Well we all know why we are gathered here tonight. Let's get down to it!" He then started asking us tons of questions about mission life and how it all goes. It was fun for him to ask something about us because he seriously has NEVER asked us one thing. We got all that out of the way and then he just said "Why do you think you can cure me of my wife's death!?" "Why does everyone think they can just fix everything with their new quick fix!?" "Why would God do this to me!?" "Whatever happened to God hearing my prayers that she would live!?" And then he just looked right me.

I'm not sure why Al seems to shout only at me, but he does. It's very interesting and I'm still trying to figure it all out... But I looked right back at him and then just sat there in silence for a bit. I always say a very special prayer before we go and talk to Al and because of that, I always feel the Spirit's comfort and guidance when we talk. I thought for a bit and then gave him a pretty simple and quiet answer. He, like usual, didn't address my answer and asked some more very important questions. Every single time he would ask and then just stare at me waiting for me to tell him he was right and that he is justified in everything. BUT THAT IS NOT TRUE. It is not okay to be bitter at his wife's doctors and at God. It is not okay to hate other people who have tried to help you. It is not okay to justify yourself and say that you can never change. The reason it's not okay is not because he's being a bad person or that he is being rude or something like that, it's because he is denying the Atonement's very best resources. I basically told him that Jesus Christ knows how it feels to have your heart crushed. He knows what it feels like to be so angry that you can't even sit still. Jesus Christ knows what it feels like to be alone every single night and to sit in your bed and relive the memories of your past over and over. He is the only one that knows though. I told Al that I had NO IDEA how much he has been through. I can't even for a minute pretend to say that my heart has even been hurt that bad. I DON'T! But the Savior does. He HAS to be your best friend because He is the only one that can give you specific council and comfort to your very individualized experiences. After I said this and some other stuff, he said some other stuff and the night was over. But I think it was good for all of us. Al told us that he was going to "mull" over our thoughts. I came away with a renewed trust in Jesus Christ. Because honestly, that was a big promise that I gave Al. But I know that My Savior will be Al's Savior too. There's no question about that.

I love you. Thank you for your prayers and your love, it really means the world to me!
Sister Barfuss 

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