Wednesday, August 21, 2013

"Let me use this saw and I'll cut it down!"

Okay so here's the deal... I don't have as long as usual today because some certain events transpired (which I'll get into in a second) so forgive me for this being shorter than usual :) Here's the story!

 This morning the alarm went off at 6:30, we went out and exercised, and then we got back to our door and realized that the person that is in charge of the keys, forgot the keys to the apartment. So we just stood there and said "Uhhhh............... we have NO idea what to do right now............. *shoot*." So we sat there and surveyed the situation. We live on the 2nd floor so a window isn't and option, it's 7:00 in the morning and our neighbors aren't awake, and we don't have a phone. So we started shoving everything we could into the lock to slide it open. After about 30 minutes the big wooden door (you gotta realize that every house in California has two doors, one that's wooden and then another that's metal that lets a breeze come in) opened. It just opened right up. (WHAT!!?? Biggest tender mercy of my life right there.) So now we only had to get the metal screen door open. We tried everything and failed over and over and over and over. (Desperate times call for desperate measures.) We remembered that we have a neighbor that's always outside in the morning drinking his coffee, so we thought maybe we could use his cellphone! We went down the ally and there he was! (We call him Papa Smurf, but his name is Richard Haha!

 He gave us his phone but said that he only had 2 prepaid minutes on it left...... *shoot*. At that moment we remembered a paint store near us that is always open early for the contractors, so we walked to the store and asked to use their phone. They said yes and then we realized that we didn't know ANYBODY'S number!! *shoot* So we did what we never thought we would never do, and we called Sister Strasser's house phone. Her mom answered and called the mission office on her cellphone and then put the two phones up to each other and we talked to the senior missionaries in the office. (WOOOOOOW RIGHT!??) So they said they would send someone out our way in a bit. We walked back to our apartment and then sat on our porch for an hour. Elder Kitchen, one of the senior missionaries, finally came and just laughed and laughed at us. He looked at the door for a while and then pulled a saw out of his toolbox. Hahaha he is SO awesome!! So we started sawing the door hinges off. After 20 minutes the door finally came off and we rejoiced! So basically I spent 3 hours this morning sitting on our porch trying to get our stupid door open! I'm not sure what we are supposed to learn from this... but I'll keep you posted :) Maybe to not forget the keys?? Nahhh... Heavenly Father ALWAYS has something deeper to be found in every situation.

1. We street contacted a lady named Jan this week and we asked her if she had any religious background... well she said yes. She said her relationship with God is great and that He sometimes calls her "jana banana." hehehehehehhehhee is was SOOOO hard to keep a straight face on that one!! I wanted to be like "No way! He calls me marysa kissa!!" But that would have been rude :)

2. We were weekly planning again and it came time for the massive prayer that I've brought up before right!? So it's my turn this time... I start praying and out of nowhere we hear this clown horn come from the ally! So I try and keep it together (yeah right!!) and then the person did it again! So we're all giggling and trying to be respectful for a solid 2 minutes. We get it all pulled back together and I started up the prayer again. Then a few minutes later  we hear it again *ErrieErrrrrrie*. So now we're laughing out loud completely. After we pull it back together I started up again and then prayed for like 10 minutes. And then BAM!!! we get attacked by it AGAIN!! Now we're on the ground crying because we are laughing so hard! Basically, I think Heavenly Father was okay that we had the giggles. I think He likes it when we're happy :)

3. A member that works for the border patrol in our ward had us over for dinner last night and when we were leaving he gave us all our own person pepper sprays :) HAHA! Mine is red, Sister Strasser's is purple, and Sister Montgomery's is red :) We're protected now baby! They are just little ones you put on your keys. But he is serious about safety!

4. We ran out of toilet paper this week in the University City apartment and it wasn't Pday... so we just went over to the temple. Yep. THAT is how close I serve to the temple. We could have walked and it would have taken 3 minutes :)

Little shout out to Brennan... A family from the Philippines had us over for dinner this last week and we had Chicken Adobo! It was super yummy! Have you ever had that before?

5. And the last little funny for everyone... you're not allowed to make fun of me okay. So this last week I went to sleep every night with a sore throat. I couldn't figure out what the deal was because I wasn't feeling sick at all and my nose wasn't stuffed. I had all the energy I usually had and everything. So I sat there and thought and thought and thought. Then it came to me... it's because I never shut up!! All I do is yickyack all day and when I'm not talking to strangers, I'm talking to my companions, and when I'm not talking to my companions, I'm singing! And then when I'm not singing, I'm laughing!! So basically, I decided that I might loose my voice completely before the end of my mission... pray for me :)

Sister Barfuss

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