Wednesday, March 12, 2014

"oh my lanta GET AWAY FROM ME!!!!"

okay this one will be a quicky because we're headed to the temple in a sec... 

1. Sister Huang got a love letter from a guy that drew a heart on the paper with his blood.... uhhhhhhh....
2. I've been singing the song from the Price Is Right game that has the yodeler that goes up the mountain "yah dee do dee doh dee do dee dah!"
3. I found a family that calls smoothies "shakes" instead of smoothies -  like all us barfuss folk!
4. I take a benadryl everyday because EVERYBODY has a cat or dog and they make me itchy. I always have to act like I like them and pet them and hug them but secretly I'm saying "oh my lanta GET AWAY FROM ME!!!!" hahaha
5. The Book of Mormon play opened this week in San Diego.... yay for more missionary opportunities!!
6. I frequented a bathroom  that had a black toilet this week and it was so freaky! yeah, I almost didn't go. (what's new right!?) AT LEAST IT WASN'T AUTOMATIC!
7. I hit 11 months this week
8. We went to a baptism for a girl going to China this week and she is only allowed to bring 2 religious books back. craaaazy stuff right there.
9. Everybody tells us their secrets and I am always thinking "bahhh!!!! wait wait, stopppppp!" because i'm not very good at keeping secrets! something about the name tag says "tell me everything!"
10. Two different people stopped in the middle of our lesson this week and went to the bathroom and didn't shut the door. They just walked in there, took care of business, and then walked back out. UHHHHHH.....
11. My dream calling in the church is called "take down dinner and events coordinator" I love tearing chairs and tables down... it makes me feel like a boss.
12. when moo, katelyn, todd, me, tanner, and coray are at BYU we're going to have an intramural team called "PBH" (Preece-Barfuss-Hall) get it? heck yeah. I'm pumped. let's play ultimate!!
13. And one more trunky thing.... SDSU won their game on Friday and they are ranked 8th!! what up March Madness!? All of our members go to the games  because we practically live on campus :) haha they keep us informed. Sister Huang is all like, "what is march madness??"

Well this week I listened to a talk that was all about the fact that "the merciful are the ones that obtain mercy." Made me want to be a little nicer and then try to smile some more. You know what I mean?

I saw a birthday card for a lady we were working with and it said,  "celebrate like someone forgot to lock the gate!" :D oh yeah. that's what I'm talking about. I wish everybody in San Diego would unlock their gates and the dogs would run to mexico (bahahaha probably don't put that on the blog ahhahah)

Helaman 12:6 is one of my very favorite verses right now. check it out. 

i'll be better next week :) promise

sister barfuss

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