Thursday, June 12, 2014

It's "get your BIG GIRL PANTIES ON" week

 the BYU hat came from a guy that walked past us :) haha  mormons are everywhere!!
well well well.... looks like what goes around comes around eh!?? i get so pumped when i hear that moomoo is sassing you :) hahaha "it's an honor mom!!" haha! i love her. you'll do great mamas. seriously though, you're a beast. you've been through hard things, you've handled them with grace. you know how to make people laugh :) you know how to speak in public and you've been able to observe a lot of important people in your life. you've got everything you need. SEND ME A COPY OF THE TALK!!??? my only piece of advice... personal stories, personal stories, personal stories. that way you're not preaching, you're sharing! helps me a lot. (you help me a lot too mamas. i love you)

1. the people in my ward that came to Pocatello never stop talking about the juice you gave them to drink! they always talk about it! STILL!! haha

2. we were so tired this week that we decided to have companion inventory under the stars. at 9:30 we put on sweats, went in the back yard, and laid down under the stars until like 10:28. ohhhh yeah. 

3. i walked in our room one day this week and there were like 15 flies on my bed...? not black ones, not fruit ones. whattttt theeeeee? do i smell THAT bad?

4. went on an exchange this week and a sister talked to me until midnight about all her boy folk. hahahahahahahahaha. sometimes you really don't want to talk about boys. ("sometimes" is actually "always" on a mission)

5. we did some service for a family and the little kids we were helping were kinda (super) annoying. i had a thought *WASH MY CAR!!* they totally washed our car. am i an evil person?

6. during sacrament meeting i heard someone snoring... naturally i started laughing but holding it in... so it all came out of my body by shaking. but then the whole bench was shaking. bad idea in a singles ward. well turns out it was the senior missionary behind me :) hehehehehe i gave him SO much grief for that one

7. are you kitten me right meow!??

8. an elder in my district is Elder Murdoch. well yesterday i asked him "do you know mary murray murdoch??" and he replied "WEE GRANNY!!!???" so yeah. we're cousins. he's from shelley :) hahahaha

9. i received the best "excuse text" this week of my WHOLE MISSION. it reads "I'm sorry i can't come to church today. i didn't sleep well. the medication i am using for my warts made me feel like my fingers were being chopped off." hahahahahahah whew. and he was SERIOUS too.

10. i've gotten really good at drawing palm trees. i draw them on everything. they are usually included in a beach scene. i always draw a shark jumping out of the water behind them. heehhee. the shark is super ugly.

11. sister landeen's birthday is on sunday! HAPPY FATHER'S DAY DADDY!! (dont worry this isn't all the recognition you will receive hehe)

12. we have somebody with a baptismal date for the 23rd! OH MAN I LOVE TEACHING!! he is dating a girl in our ward :) ahhhhhh lovey love love. 

okay peoples... the sisters brunch thingy went great! i talked about TRYING to be like Jesus. went through the whole children's song. talked about Alma TRYING to teach the wicked zoramites. also that we should TRY the word of God with an experiment like Alma 32:36 tells us. basically i kept it real and said that Jesus does not expect us to be like him today. we're fallen. we're human. we're a work in progress. but He does expect us to be TRYING to be like Him. when the scriptures say to be "perfect" like Christ is, the real meaning is "complete." perfection comes with time. LOTS OF TIME. Heavenly Father wants people who are willing and open to new things. people with soft hearts. people that will TRY. and guess what!? "triers" become "doers."  :) i will go and do the things that the Lord hath commanded. boom.

i love ya. i love ya so darn much it's not even funny. WHY DO I GET SO LUCKY AS TO SPEND ETERNITY WITH YOU!!!??? bahhhhh YES!!!
sister barfuss

ps- i'm always disappointed at how short my emails are. i spend like 14 hours on them and then i look up and they are super short. i promise this is my best effort!

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