Tuesday, September 16, 2014

if you're not willing to wear your heart on your sleeve, you're not living life to the fullest

FUN FACTS:                                                                                                                           9-16-14
1. I will be spending my last transfer in...... Poway!! My companion is going to be from the Temple Square mission! (they spend 2 transfers out of their mission in the states somewhere... she'll probably be foreign. i'll pick her up tomorrow)
2. it has literally been in the 100s all week. certain death is upon me. AC on full blast. always. 
3. took a sister to the airport today where her family picked her up. she saw them and flew out of the car and was screaming and jumping up and down all over them... it made me cry. it was so tender.
4. last pday we slack lined... it's like tightrope walking but not quite as intense... but still intense... IT WAS SO FUN. look at our pictures.
5. pretty sure we broke the word of wisdom on accident this week. i'm 99% sure we had iced tea. hahaha i was ticked because i've been clean off of caffeine for my headches for 4 months now! broke my record... maybe
6. i ate a donut this week and it seriously knocked me out into a migraine. dude. a DONUT. it was the worst. 
7. one of our investigators is getting baptized on October 18th!!!!!!!!!!!!! she is dating a guy in our ward :) she is so lovely. one time in  between visits with us she decided to read Alma 1-34 in one sitting. whew!!
8. rode on a golf cart this week. BEST THING OF MY LIFE. i was screaming and yelling even though the guy was only going like 5 mph
9. so we had stake conference and the Schmitt's were on the program... they walked in the door and Sister Schmitt came right up to us freaking out because she had forgotten her name tag hahaha i gave her mine and she put it on, but President Schmitt said that it would cause too many questions... she reluctantly gave it back to me hahaha
10. more fun facts on stake conference... we pulled up and there was a sign with a guy next to it that said "the stake center is 30% full" the guy was in the process of changing it to 40%... go! go! go! get in there!!!
11. the joke that they told right before sister landeen and i went on stage for the talent show was "the other day i farted on the elevator, it was wrong on so many levels." COME ON PEOPLE!!!!!!!!
12. i destroyed my pinky playing football. good thing i type incorrectly, or typing right now would stink hehehehe
13. we moved 5 people this week. #movingcarmawillcomebacktomeoneday

okay so basically i haven't spent any time setting goals for the next 6 weeks (yet)... that will happen this week. i'll keep you posted on it next email. 
i know the gist of what i want to do... overcome my fears of just a last few things. throughout the mission i've been able to get rid of most of them, but there are just a few left that i want to stomp on and come out victorious!! also, NO REGRETS. seriously though.

FOR NARNIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i love you :) i miss you too.
i love you more :)
i love you the most :)

-sister barfuss

FUN FACTS:                                                                                                                                9-09-14
1. why do we call silly things "cheesy" and "corny"? that's how you describe your dinner!
2. i totally blew over a traffic cone this week. i laughed so hard :)
3. i counted. i have up and moved everything I own 11 times in my life. 10 of them have been in the last 3 years. 
4. 8 stakes border our area. 2 different missions border our area. OUR AREA IS HUGE.
5. talked with someone who was growing marijuana in their garage
6. baby blessings are amazing. did mine get written down? sorry about not writing it down myself ;) i was lazy back then
7. we had a member of The Seventy come for mission leadership council and EVERYBODY thought we were going to get iPads. BONK. 
8. i found another Murdoch cousin. that's TWO people i've met on my mission that are descendants of Wee Granny like me! :D
9. BYU IS RANKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! pretty much every person in my ward hates on BYU so i have to be a lone cougar in the wilderness
10. the ward had a talent show for FHE and sister landeen played the guitar and sang while i sang and played the uke. i felt so silly
11. we had a investigator that wanted to sing in the talent show so we had to send a text that said " We would love to have you sing!! But you can't sing anything super loud and rocky or anything that talks about drugs and sex." hahaha really though
12. brother quiggle's sister died and we had her funeral this week. after they had tons of HUGE flower arrangements and sister quiggle asked us to make them into smaller bouquets for people. i channeled my inner "mama barfuss" :) i'm so grateful you taught me how to do lots of random things mom :)
13. "deal with what you've been dealt" interesting huh?

well the lesson learned this week is that if you're not willing to wear your heart on your sleeve, you're not living life to the fullest. example... we had to move out of the quiggle's house and i just cried and cried and cried. honestly the have become my adopted parents and it felt like i was leaving on my mission all over again. it was terrible. like i was seriously sobbing in the shower and super mad. it hurts to love people a lot, BUT IT'S WORTH IT! if i had just chosen to live with the quiggles instead let them become part of my life, it wouldn't have hurt to leave. but then again, the last 5 months of my life would have been less rich and exciting. it's so worth it to wear your heart on your sleeve. 

i love you!! loves loves loves loves loves
sister barfuss

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