Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Blessing! Blessings! Come Get Your Blessings!

Oh what a beautiful Tuesday! Oh what a beautiful day!! :) So basically today I am grateful. Not because my life is perfect or because anything particular happened, but man, I'm blessed! First blessing... WE GOT TO GO TO THE TEMPLE! Could there be a more wonderful place on earth? I loved it so much because it felt so familiar. Not very many parts of a mission make you feel at home or comfortable, but the temple does! I loved every minute of it. The San Diego Temple has an atrium in it too! We sat there and looked at it forever. It's so peaceful in the temple. And the celestial room. I can't even describe!  I just sat there in awe. It was so quiet, so stunning, and so simple that I just cried. These were tears of love. I felt like I was where I belonged and that everything was perfect at that moment. Perfect. Absolutely perfect. Sister Strasser had a family name for me to take and her name was Mary :) Imagine that! Only 83 days until I get to go again!
Blessing number two... Everything I love keeps showing up all over the place! I can't tell you how many people are like "Will you help me garden? I really need some help." Ummmm YES!!! I LOVE GARDENING! I even started my own little one. I bought the smallest little baby pot (it probably holds a 1/8 cup of dirt) and planted some seeds! See the picture attached! :) I've got to take advantage of living in the perfect climate! We also have a lot of neighbors and friends with orange and tangerine trees and they let us pick them whenever we want. I probably eat an orange every single day!
Blessing number three... I never cease to be entertained by Pacific Beach and La Jolla. For example, there is a Masarati dealer here! And there is a Ferrari dealer right across the street! Talk about money! Then we found a street called Drury Lane... no, the muffin man didn't live there. We looked everywhere for him! I saw a guy walking down the street with a bear head on his head. Just chillin there. I mean why not, I guess!? We have homeless people all over the place that always have funny signs. Sometimes I want to roll down the window and say, "Good one man! You have the best sign I've seen all month! Here's a chocolate chip peanut butter granola bar for your creativity!!"
Blessing number four... I have been taught the Word of Wisdom! Pacific Beach is known throughout the whole San Diego community as the place to go to party. Everyone associates Pacific Beach with bars and babes. We found out that it has the highest number of DUI's in the area, too. We looked in the GPS and there are 26 liquor stores within 5 miles of our apartment. Absolutely amazing to me. Last Saturday night when I was driving, I lost it. Seriously I had had to dodge about 6 different drunk people who just ran out into the streets, there were people driving like maniacs everywhere, and there were cops pulling people over and blocking half of the lanes so they could take care of them. I pulled over the car and had to pray to calm down and realize how much I have been blessed! Look at my life... I am always in control of my actions and my thoughts! I get to make choices for myself instead of "drunk texting" people and getting myself in trouble. We have to keep the Word of Wisdom because it allows us to always be learning and growing. To do that you have to have a clear mind! We have met plenty of people on the side of the road who are hung over in the morning and are trying not to throw up. We try to visit Less Actives but we can't get through their apartment complex because there are too many games of beer pong going on. And to put the cherry on top of these stories... last Friday night right when it was starting to get dark, we saw a guy just laying in the street gutter. LAYING IN THE STREET GUTTER! The Word of Wisdom enables us to be free. Too many times it is thought of as restricting, but man oh man I don't  feel "restricted" when on Saturday mornings I can get up and go exercise and my neighbors are passed out on the roof with their jeans still on. Blessed I am!
Blessing number five... I have the most supportive family on earth. I am going to take a moment to brag okay!? Since it was Father's Day I'm going to start there. Dad is the best person on the planet. He knows how to discipline himself and how to lead. He does things with out even being asked. AND! He knows how to load a dish washer better than anyone I know ;) Mom you are consistent! I NEVER have to wonder how the family is doing. I am always kept in the loop and you always make me smile. No one has better stickers than my mom! Brennan knows how to make me laugh! He is the most witty person I know and gosh darn it, everything I know about getting a laugh comes form him! He also is so respectful and courageous. I can remember when I used to hang out with him in SLC and we would ALWAYS try new things! He knows how to make everyday special! Katelyn is a super mom! When I'm a mommy I want to be just like her! Training for a half marathon! WHAT!? And she is so kind to me. Every week I get a email from her with pictures of Peter! Todd is daaaaahhhh man. (he's laughing right now) But for realsies! Todd works so hard! He has shown me how to be a beast in college and in the big kid world! He's also very knowledgeable and is one of very few people in our family that banters with me. In a good way! He makes me think! I love it! And then there's moomoo! Sweet Emily! What would I do without you!? You are the perfect match for me! Moo knows how to work like a beast and she knows how to shop like a queen! Emily always helps me feel good about myself and makes me try new things :) What would I do with out all of you!? I'm so blessed. So so blessed.
Count how many blessing YOU'VE had this week and let me know!
I love you!
Sister Barfuss

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