Tuesday, June 11, 2013


This week was full of miracles! :D Imagine that!? We started this thing called "Poo Crew" which has been a success... it consists of us holding a bag and picking up poo and garbage with a plastic glove while street contacting people. It works so well! People here love that we are helping the environment, so they talk to us! YAY! Sister Strasser is in charge of holding the pass a long stuff and I'm in charge of holding the bag of nastiness. It's super weird, but super effective. Truth be told... we only have success when we serve. SO! Poo Crew it is! Let me know of other ideas for service you have!

The elders in my zone are super addicted to Nair. The stuff that  burns your hair off. So every time we get with them, somebody has just Naired their arms or legs! Haha! This week I met someone from Assyria, Australia, Japan, and someone from Switzerland twice! They spoke German and recognized both our last names as VERY German :) It was fun! Strasser means "street" and Barfuss means"barefoot." We also saw a guy sleeping in his trunk  when we went out for our morning walk! Haha! Seriously though, he was in a yellow mustang's trunk with his legs hanging out... Haha! We were going to die! One of my good Elder friends went home today because transfers are tomorrow, so I asked him what his first name was. He said "Justin." Wait for it..... wait for it..... and his last name is Beazer. So he's Justin Beazer from Canada!! WHATTT!!?? Justin Bieber has ruined so many people's lives. Transfers left Sister Strasser and I untouched! Every sisters companionship got mixed up in our zone but us! We were super nervous. But I think it's good they left Pacific Beach alone because we're starting to see improvements! :)

This week we met three different people who were totally prepared for the gospel. They were searching! One was a referral, one we found at a house where a Less Active had moved from, and the last one just walked into the church building asking when we had church. WHAT!!!??? He said he wanted to see what was up with the Mormons. So we sat him down, threw down a 10 minute restoration lesson, and then church started! He even stayed for Sunday School! Heavenly Father is always full of surprises! We have an appointment with him on Wednesday!

We met another referral who loves to garden! I almost died! I begged him that he would let us help because 1) we want to get to know him. 2) I LOVE GARDENING! So we are going over on Saturday to get our garden on with him :) And Al!! We talked to Al again! We went over last night and he opened up the door and told us to never come back. He was all fired up. But turns out it was because he is talking to the city council tomorrow and that's his passion in life. We talked for a solid 20 minutes and we got him laughing and talking about his kids! He was super sarcastic and rude a few times but I brushed it right off and threw it back at him. I think he is intrigued by how not afraid we are of him. When we were getting ready to leave he thanked us for coming and said "You two are good at this. Very personable." YESSSS!!!! And then he invited us for tea sometime! (we'll address the Word of Wisdom later :) hahaha) So moral of the story, Heavenly Father hears our prayers. He knows us and He knows Al. As we try to align ourselves with Heavenly Father's will, miracles do and will happen. Al isn't interested in the gospel at all (YET!), but he knows he has two friends. That's what we want to have happen all over the world!

I love you more than my bed and my pillow! (which are on my "top 15 favorite things in the world" list Hehehe)
Sister Barfuss

ps- I found my future calling in life... I'm going to work for the Special Olympics by coaching a deaf volleyball team who I talk to by ASL. After the games are done and they have a dance, I'm going to do all the girls' hair super cute and paint their nails! :D it combines everything I love the very most! Then I'll clean up after the dance because nothing gets me feeling better than some chemicals and a sponge! OH! OH! And Clorox wipes! Yesssss!!!

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