Tuesday, June 4, 2013

So cool, huh?

June 4, 2013

June!! The weather here is absolutely delightful! Yesterday it was 71 with a light breeze. Whew! That's a gift from above! So to start off last week, on Tuesday I got a classic Sister Barfuss cold. My throat was on fire for a few days and then it moved to my nose and has been hanging out ever since! I can't seen to kick the last of it. Now I'm in the coughing stage. BUT! The coolest part of the week came from me being sick! It got to the point that I didn't feel like I could go out one morning but I didn't want to sit around all day! I was frustrated and Sister Strasser suggested I get a blessing. I won't lie... I've never had a blessing for something that's as silly as a cold, but I knew that I needed help. We met elders from our district at the church for a blessing. When we go there Sister Strasser suggested we sing a hymn before the blessing to invite the Spirit. One of the elders asked if we could sing "I Stand All Amazed" so we did! Then I sat in one of the pews and they gave me the most simple yet powerful blessing. When we were headed to the church I was feeling really weak and light headed, and then after the blessing I still had a stuffy nose and a cough but I felt strong! I knew I could walk all day and be useful to the Lord! We carried on the rest of the day and we only came home early once the whole week for just an hour or so! What a tender mercy from Heavenly Father. I love that Heavenly Father didn't heal me 100%, but rather gave me just enough strength to keep going another day. That seems to be the way He likes to work :)

This week I met a professional Polynesian boxer, a girl form Thailand, and a 3 legged dog!!! I'm being so serious! We were driving to go see a woman who is less active and Sister Strasser just yells "BAHHH! LOOK!" It totally only had three legs. I think I will name him Threego. Here Threego!! Here boy! :D 

I get to drive this week just in case Sister Strasser gets transferred. California is an awesome place to drive... seriously it's not for the faint of heart. I got flipped off within the first hour of driving so that should sum up everything for you! Sister Strasser calls it the "California Howdy!" :) Hahaha I almost died the first time she said that!! So funny.

Our ward mission leader sent us a text this week that said "luvU2" and we were like uhhhhhhhhhhh......? Okay thanks. Love you too. I guess.......? (He's like 65 or 70). Then he texted us back and was dying because that was meant for his wife! Haha We got laughing pretty hard on that one!

We went to UCSD's campus and did a Mormon booth with some other sisters. We were conveniently located in between the "UCSD Students for Tobacco" booth and the "Ask an Athiest" booth. Then the "Student Socialists" booth was across from us. Lets just say that we had fun. People LOOOOVE to come up to me and just burn the church over and over. They tell me I'm deceived and stupid and that they feel bad for me. So I just smile and listen to their whole shpeel... and then I say something like "I'm so glad that God lets us each choose what we want to do with our lives. I talked with God about what would be best for me and He answered with The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. So cool huh!?" 

Thank you for your letters and prayers of love and support! I love you to pieces!
Sister Barfuss

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