Wednesday, September 11, 2013

I'm Going To Be Super Fast This Week!!!

We have hardly anytime because we went to the temple today, so I'm going to be super fast and I promise I'll give you all the details next week in a really great email :) 

Here is the down low... my new companion is Sister Bodine (as in, i took Bo Bowie to dine at the diner) hahaha! She is 20, from Lehi and loves to dance, We get along really well! We serve in Spring Valley where it's 113 degrees and everyone is super old :) haha   IT'S HOT!!!!!!!! Our ward mission leader is a solid 65, and our ward missionaries are 75... not even joking. So it's a big change from Pacific Beach. We are the only white people in our apartment complex, there are lots of nice and smiley African Americans to talk to! I love people that are nice and that smile :) what a relief!

 Basically when i went to church there were fifty nice old ladies that came and gave me hugs and invited us over for root beer floats next week :) YAY!!! Our average age in the ward is probably 57, and that's because Sister Bodine and i bring it down a whole bunch ;)
Thank you for telling me about Sister Honey... secretly i thought i came off too bold with her because she called Sister Bodine a "crab" when we left and me a "bully." So it's good to hear that she was probably joking (hope so!) I'll check on her address... (Sis. Honey called us after she met Marysa - she has a nephew that married a Barfuss, and is named Jason and lives on the East Coast - that all adds up for us, but we discovered it is not Marysa's cousin named Jason)
The temple was perfect. absolutely perfect. i'll go into more detail next week on this too, but moral of the story is that we sat in the celestial room after the session for an hour and a half. it was perfect, silent, beautiful, bliss. Only 3 more months until i get to go again! (that's Christmas time people!!)

1. me and Lucia doing our secret handshake :) ps... it was 105 degrees. that's why i look so nasty!
2. THIS IS AL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! my very last moment in Pacific Beach was spent going to Al's. we went over there right before transfer meeting and I totally just kept it real with him. aka- when he answered the door and got all mad at us for coming i said "Al!! We're not here to share a message! We're here because I'm getting transferred in an hour and I wanted to see you before I left. I wanted to see you because I love you and I want to tell you that you have been an answer to my prayers. Now can I get a picture with you or what!?" :) Then he hugged me (who cares if people can't hug us!) and let us come in. We talked for just a minute and then I said a prayer. It was perfect :)
ps- i hit 5 months next week! what in the world!??
i love you mamas :) you're my favorite :) :)

sister barfuss

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