Tuesday, September 3, 2013

"No, God was right." :)

1. me about to eat a chicken foot at the Dim Sum restaurant our Taiwanese member took us to! (it was super good!!) 
2.  us at the restaurant again
3. the French's. Brother French was the one that called you  that one time
4. our view from la jolla
5. having fun at district lunch
6. me and the temple... i love my life!
7. jumping Chet's car after our lesson at the temple
8. this is real life for me baby :) every single day
9. my very favorite investigators. hopefully they will get married soon so they can get baptized
10. Sister Montgomery's birthday party yesterday
11. Sister Montgomery at the hoarders house.  we helped clean up this week (that's three now!!!)

Just got our transfer call and we had 27 different options (for reals!!) that we knew could happen.... AND the one we least expected did! They said that Sister Montgomery and I both needed to pack our bags :/ booooooooo. Won't lie, I REALLY thought that I would stay in Pacific Beach because this is Sister Strasser's 6th transfer here! Man! But the Lord knows what I need and apparently I need to leave everybody I love in Pacific Beach behind. I really don't want to be a debbie downer, but just keeping it real, it is so hard to leave all of the people you have learned to love. These are the people that helped fill the void that I had in my heart when I left all of you guys... so it's hard and scary. But onward ever onward! I'll know where I'm headed tomorrow. Moral of the story, when you feel comfortable, you're coasting, and that's not good enough. Heavenly Father wants more.

Luckily my last week here was awesome! It's been so hot that we have been getting our hair wet and our clothes wet and sleeping with a fan on us! WHEW! We really need some AC in that apartment! Last Pday we hiked up a "mountain" at 3:00 in the afternoon... worst decision of my life Haha! It was so stinkin hot and we were hiking on sand! With no trees! Man, I need myself some green forest right now!

Since it was Labor Day weekend everyone and their dog came to Pacific Beach and partied, just like the 4th of July. The police camper was parked at the beach so they could wrangle all the drunkards into it again... There were SO many people!!

Fun Facts:
1. I'm sooo excited for conference!!! Less than a month! I want to get challenged and chastised baby!
2. I don't have to got back to school this year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Do you know how awesome that feels? I do. Nah nah nah nah nah nah :)
3. A lady guessed how old we all were this week and she said Sister Strasser was 18, Sister Montgomery was 15, and that I was 24.... no sure if that's a compliment or not???
4. A different lady was guessing our first names and she said that mine was either Harriet or Vickie. Hahaha!
5. A lady in our stake got baptized on Saturday after coming to church for 34 years! The Lord will soften hearts if we keep the faith! Never stop praying.

And the award for moment that I laughed the most this week goes to... Chet!!! Okay so I want you to visualize this with me... here I am in the temple waiting room teaching a lesson to a 50 year old man who is trying to come back to church. He is trying to kick his smoking and drinking addictions, so he is always under the influence of something. We're at a point in the lesson where we are sharing experiences that solidified our testimonies that God is there and that He loves us. While Sister Montgomery is sharing hers, I see this little moth out of the corner of my eye. I say to myself "Hey little mothy! Get out of here! This is the temple for heavens sake!" It continues to do it's thing and then it decides to come mess with me. The moth lands on me and I try to just brush it off. Then it comes back to sass me again. Pretty soon I can tell that everyone else is wondering what I'm doing. The moth then flies in the middle of all of us and we start to laugh (aka- the Spirit leaves). Now I'm ticked that this moth thinks it can ruin our lesson, so I stand up and try to kill it by clapping my hands together and smooshing it. Well!!! Turns out Chet loves animals and NEVER kills bugs... so he jumps up and knocks me over and says "Don't kill it!! He has a spirit too!".............so I sit my bum back down and said in my head "whaaaaaat the *awkward* heck????" So then the moth keeps doing it's thing our whole lesson and I keep trying to kill it by shooting it rude looks. He won. 

Best moment of all: We had a lady come to our Bishop to get some financial help. He said that the church would help, but that she needed to meet with the missionaries so that she could understand why the church can help. We got an appointment with her and she was nice. We talked for about an hour and pretty soon she started getting mad. She said "I know your church will help me, but they will only give me a check, not cash! And I need cash!" Ummm, sorry what did you just say!? We told her that if she had faith she would be able to find a place to stay that would accept checks and then she went crazy on us! She was ticked off that we thought that her life would just "be okay." She told us how we didn't understand the situation and that we are too light minded. Well then a promise was made and it went a little bit like this... "Darcy, if you have enough faith that this will happen and pray to God and promise to do whatever He tells you, HE WILL PROVIDE A WAY." She just looked at us and said "Well when I'm homeless and living in my car on the 9th, I'll call your sorry butts and you can tell me how 'wonderful' God is." I just looked at her with out a single worry. So on Sunday she came to church and ran into us in the hallway... here are the words that came out of her mouth, "You were right." We just looked at her, smiled, and said "No, God was right." :)

I love you! Pray that I'll be willing to learn what Heavenly Father wants me to learn this transfer.
I love you.
-Sister Barfuss

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