Wednesday, September 18, 2013


Good for Gunnar! Man i would have given anything to be there for that...  I'll be praying for him big time, because I for sure can tell you that the first 3 months of a mission are HARD. He can do it though. He just needs to stay strong and keep truckin'. That's what Sister Strasser used to stay to me all the time... "Keep truckin'!" hahaha I miss her so much darn it.
What are you going to do to celebrate Dad's 50th bday!? anything rude? or just a yummy treat and some presents? haha!

So here are some funny things that have happened to me since I came to Spring Valley... I held a parrot, people have been asking me where I'm from because I have an accent, I taught a 97 year old investigator, and I got a note from Sister Tina Morgan because she is serving in the home ward of one of the people in the Pacific Beach ward (small world! i love her). My district is the one that the Laotion speaking elders in the mission are in! They have been out for about 3 weeks, so they are still learning the language... well to "help them out" we learn a new laotion word at district meeting every week! Haha! My favorite story so far from them is that they were teaching a lesson and at the end, one of the elders said to the other elder "Will your leg pray?" and he answered back "Alcohol." Hahaha! Since it's a tonal language they are having some troubles... but bless their hearts, they are good sports! Prayers baby, prayers!
Our ward has an exclusive club for the sisters over seventy called "SOS." The big joke is that half the ward is in the club :) We have a big time southern baptist pastor in our ward the converted about 20 years ago. So we have bible study at his house every Tuesday night!!! Talk about coolest thing of my life right there! 

There are nasty lizards running around our apartment complex and I really don't do well with them. I can do spiders and bugs, but not lizards. I seriously run like a little girl... it's embarrassing, but real.
So we live right across the street from the high school right? So all week it's been nice because we go and run laps. Yay! And on Friday nights we listen to the football games that sound like fun! Well on Saturday we were doing personal study and all the sudden there is music BLARING. Turns out that there was a Ford car show in the parking lot and they were playing oldies music for it. So secretly I was enjoying myself because it was the good music that everyone loves that isn't dirty and terrible. Well 9:00 rolled around and it was time to say my closing prayer and move on to companion study... so I get on my knees and all the sudden I hear "OOOOHHH SAY CAN YOU SEEEEEEEEE! BY THE DAAAAAWNS EARLYYY LIGHTTTTT!!!!!" And I just started cracking up! The speakers were so loud that the lady singing the National Anthem might of been in our bathroom! Hahaha I just sat there and soaked it all in, I think Heavenly Father was okay with me getting all patriotic for a second :) i love my life.
We volunteered at an old folks home this week and I was in charge of helping four ladies play scrabble. Pretty much it ended up being me playing myself, but four different ways! Hahaha! They would say "Sister Barfuss! Come look at my letters! I can't think of anything to spell! Sister Barfuss! Come here! Can I have some Pepsi!?" My favorite part of it all was when (forgive my childish humor right here) I went to look at one of the ladies letters and she told me that she already had her word picked out and her letters spelled "Wheenie." Hehehehehehe :) ohhhhh man! I LOVE MY LIFE!!
We went and talked with a lady this week who lives in a trailer park, has tatoos all up her arms, legs, neck, hands, and face, she had 15 piercings in each ear, and her tongue is pierced. AND SHE IS AWESOME. We talked for about an hour and she was smoking the whole time, she even offered us a cigarette.

 Pretty much I learned that you can't judge a book by it's cover. You just can't. So if you are, stop it! Heavenly Father doesn't need judgers, just lovers.
Sorry I was so random this week! I love you!!
Sister Barfuss 

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