Friday, December 20, 2013

Let Him in. He is right there waiting!

 (sorry - I don't have permission to post the investigators faces :)

YES we got the box! Oh my lanta mom you are THE BEST!!! Stockings! Ginger snaps!! President Eyring books! A sock monkey! A santa hat and antlers! AND PRESENTS FOR BOTH OF US!!!!??? :D :D YESSS!!! Here's what we've opened so far...
1. ctr rings... and my PAM ring (Filipino CTR Ring) thank you! thank you!
2. the mac and cheese chapstick and pizza. hahahahhaha! it TOTALLY smells like mac and cheese!
3. the febreeze!! and the cracker jacks and america wipes! i forgot that i liked febreeze! seriously though! you guys know me so well :)
4. mormon ads, strength for youth, and STAMPS!!!! what? -  Harry Potter AND Disney! seriously though you guys rock!!
5. Candy and the Idaho Necklace!!! it's so cute! and the heart is over Pocatello! :) ahhhhhh!
cheers to the rest of the 12 days!!!

Today is my 8 month mark peoples... that is craaaaazy. So our computers got jacked by some other missionaries,so my time is a little limited. Here we go!

Fun Facts:
1. I got a Christmas card from the Summers :) i love them!
2. Thanks to your prayers and lots of good advice, I am proud to say that I am down to only 1 or 2 headaches a week!!!! That is amazing. Truly amazing. During this whole process Heavenly Father has also taught me about how I need to treat my body better (Elder Scott's conference talk anyone!??) and my diet has changed and my time focused on treating my body well has gone up. I believe I was "snatched" (see Mosiah 27:28) by Heavenly Father and now I have some great habits going!
3. We found a LA from Sister Bauro's country and she fed us dinner! I ate so many things I have NEVER had before, like milk fish, kale, purple yams, and real coconut.Yummah lummah in my tummah.
4. I walked into the bathroom and there was 8 inches of hair in the trash can. Turns out Sister Bauro was ready for a change! She had me do a few touch ups after she cut it!
5. I met someone from Rupert this week! Idahooooooooo... Idaaaahooooooooooo!!!
6. We helped a potential investigator this week with her garage sale. We had to be there at 6:45. Good thing we get up at 6:30 everyday! Haha! It was super cold... good thing they had coffee there for everyone.... BOINK!
7. I am sad to say this, but I officially can spot a drunk person by the smell of their breath. Alcohol smells SOOOOO bad. Oh my lanta that stuff is rank. But knowing what it smells like has helped me identify who is interested and who is being friendly only because they are drunk.... BOINK!
8. There is a shop nearby called "Shakira's pastry and bakery." Hahahahaha! Moo will get a kick out of that one :) hehe
9. We visited an older woman who has some memory issues and she told us stories about how she used to play with President Monson when she was a little girl in SLC. I was kind of believing her... but then she said that she used to play with Shirley Temple too.... BOINK!
10. Grandpa Ted is back and just moving slow now. We think he will be able to get back to his normal self in a few weeks! What a blessing!

This week we were teaching a LA woman in her living room and all the sudden 3 policeman came in the front door with a flash light and they said, "Where is Mike?!!" The woman we were teaching got up real fast and took them to the back room where he was (we didn't know he was there) and they said, "It's the Sheriff,  Mike! Come out immediately!" He didn't come out very quickly, so they sent one cop to stand outside his window just in case he tried to run! Eventually he came out and swore a whole bunch and asked why they wanted him. Turns out that he had a warrant out for him. The handcuffed him and took him out the back door so the kids couldn't see him, and then the lady we were teaching came and sat back down and said, "Sorry about that." UHHHHHHHHHH................. At one point one policeman turned to us and said"Hello ladies." We just sat there the whole time thinking "what in the good gracious do we do right now? Are we safe??" That was pretty crazy. He's in jail now. 

Okay it's official, Christ is our Savior. He really did pay the price for my sins and for yours.
 Let Him in. He is right there waiting.

I love you!
sister barfuss :)

ps- i LOVED the quote you sent mamas. i'm really learning a lot about obedience and self mastery recently. you are a TERRIFIC example of that. and just so you know, today i talked with a member about sleep overs and she begged me to never let my children go to them ever. i told her that you had that rule for us growing up and she said "your mother is divine. be so grateful you were honored enough to have her as YOUR mom." so with that being said :) i love you mom. thank you for taking the time to email me even when you were super tired and worn out. thank you for teaching me the piano too.i practiced for 20 minutes today! :D "scatter sunshine" and "called to serve"

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