Wednesday, December 4, 2013

The Turkey Trot

So transfers are tomorrow and ill be getting a new companion! :) So it looks like I'll be in Spring Valley for the holidays!! (Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years). And guess whats happening on Thanksgiving!? Grandpa Ted is getting baptized!! At 10:00 sharp! He said to make sure the water is warm (last time he got baptized it was in a river in the winter hahaha they had to cut a hole in the ice). Mamas, I'm playing the opening and closing songs at the baptism! Yay! So we'll be putting on a baptism at 10 and then families have invited us over at 12, 1, and 4!!!! PARTY! I'm not sure how this whole no sugar thing will work.... And we already had a mini thanksgiving on Sunday with sister H..
random facts...
1. I got my debit card! I spent some money today but it was because I got Christmas stuff and sent it. I'm not going to use anymore this month
2. Your Christmas packy is on the way!! I want you to open it on Christmas eve before K&T&P leave :) but not until then!!!!
3. Grandma Preece sent me a really nice card and she emails me all the time :) i love her to death. i'm going to spend some time with her when i get back.
4. I went to a Catholic funeral this week with a potential investigator! It was so different! And the whole thing was in spanish. We were on the front row so i was praying that no one would come up to me and say anything. And I was on the very end, so if a priest was going to do something, he would start with me!! We stood up and sat back down like 10 times and they had their version of the sacrament. They had an organist and a priest that did the whole thing. I only felt the Spirit once...when the organist sang "Ave Maria" :)
5. We had lightning AND thunder this week!!
6. I got to feel all cool and talk about HAM radios with a member. Dad would have been proud! :)
7. I got my mission call a year ago on Thanksgiving!! remember when we were in the hotel room before going to Dree's and Dad checked and it said "assigned"!!?? :) :) :)
8. We had two Portuguese speakers in sacrament meeting that used a translator :) it was awesome.
Has anyone read "The Strength To Endure" by Richard J Mayne? The one that compares basketball to your testimony? That talk spoke to my heart and pierced my soul. i loooooooved it!!

What the December!?? Okay we went to the temple today, so I have to rapid fire this email... so here we go!

My new companion is Sister Bauro (like "can I borrow your jacket for a sec?"). She has been out for 15 months and is from Kiribati. That's an island kinda by Fiji. She was baptized 4 years ago and loves to laugh. She has a pretty thick accent, so I do a lot of the talking. One morning I woke up and she was eating breakfast... a bowl of mashed potatoes. So basically we can say she is an intense woman. I laugh all the time now because it's so funny to see how different we are. In a good way though! She had to learn english on her mission, so California is VERY different than home. 

On Thanksgiving Ted got baptized!! I'm so happy that you got those pictures! Funny story... Ted is so old that bending backwards isn't very comfortable, so we had two people in the font with him. He almost couldn't do it, so it was a blessing that it all went well! After the baptism we realized that they forgot to pull the plug to drain the font SOOOOOO Sister Bauro just straight up put on Ted's wet baptismal suit and went swimming. She unplugged it and then we went home and got her changed! Once again... she is an intense lady.

Thanksgiving morning I did my own version of "The Turkey Trot" and guess what!? I WON!!!! :) Hahaha! Sister Bauro isn't so into running, so I do my own little out and back run on the straight road we live on. I get a pretty good work out and then I come home and stretch and stretch. Especially my neck! That feels real nice.

1. I love magic tricks so much. Seriously, they are my favorite thing!
2. We went into Subway this week and I didn't recognize ANY of the music playing!! Yay! It's so nice to not get trunky in every restaurant!
3. We have our own little Charlie Brown Christmas tree :) he's cute!
4. We went to the temple today and I got both of my questions answered by the Spirit, plus more! So if you can go to the temple this week, you should go. Seriously though, you won't regret it. We did some initiatories after too! What a blessing to have a temple. And the Christmas lights are up too! It's beautiful inside and out!
5. "The Testaments" movie is the silliest thing ever... hahaha! I watched it last night and I was laughing so hard the whole time. Like whaaaaat!?? Anyone feeling me here!?

Sounds like Thanksgiving was way fun at Cam's! You guys know how to cook stuff the right way baby! :) And yay that you got to see Grandma and Grandpa Barfuss! Now that I'm with  olderish people all the time, I miss them! I wish I could give them a big hug and a kiss.

I wish I could give YOU a bug hug and a kiss!!
love you mamas :) with alllll my heart!
sister barfuss

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