Wednesday, January 15, 2014

a guy asked the bishop to do an exorcism. the bishop politely declined.

 Grandma literally emails me every week, sometimes twice! so I send her an email or a letter back every week. She might be bored :) haha I love her.
Keep me posted on all the drama of the new ward boundaries... us mormons... we freak out about everything.... drama drama drama... don't tell anyone (but I think I like change. it's REALLY good for me). shhhhh.... don't tell anyone :)

I got a Christmas letter from Dad and the Stake Presidency :) haha President Campbell drew a funny picture by his signature... I love that my letter got a whole bunch of graffiti on it! :) Makes me feel loved.

FUNNY STORY: One morning i woke up and i was trying to find my ear plugs because they end up at the bottom of my bed every morning. Well i could only find one, so i said "whatever. ill find it later in life." We went and exercised and everything and when we came back i was stretching... i felt something squishy. I looked down my garment top and BAM there the ear plug was just chilling by my belly button! hahahaha (for the record - as Marysa's mother, sometimes I can't believe what I put on her blog!)

This week I have solidified my testimony that sugar is what gives me headaches... on Friday i was kinda a little frustrated with a few things and slightly irritable (hehe) and a member brought us subway and a million and a half cookies. I saw them and said, "HECK!!! I'M GOING TO EAT FIVE! I WANT TO EAT SUGAR!!!!!!" I literally ate five of them like a little miss piggy. And guess what!? I got a migraine on Sunday and I was on my bed crying. My head rarely hurts THAT bad. But I had a straight up migraine. So now I'm sold that sugar is the trigger. But on the upside, i didn't get a headache all week up until then, so yay!! Yay for answers!

1. there are 481 people in our ward. 115 of them are active. we have a lot of work to do.

2. did you know that when you smell a skunk sometimes it's not a skunk? it's people smoking weed. 

3. want to know what the worst job in the world would be in california? being a UPS truck driver because all of the streets are cut up into crazy little parts but they have the same name and house numbers are where ever they want to be and you can hardly ever find them... guess what i just realized... WE DRIVE around california all day trying to find streets and houses :) hahaha

4. right now we are helping a returned missionary come back to the gospel. it's an interesting thing.
the church is true!

5. on sundays homeless people come into the church looking for help a lot and this week a guy asked the bishop to do an exorcism. the bishop politely declined. 

6. i paid more of a fast offering this month and BAM! we got a $12.00 raise on our debit cards this month! and a member gave us some toilet paper and paper towels! woohoo!!!! the church is true! live the principles, show faith, and watch the blessings pour in! :D

7. today i was in the car and i literally heard this come out of my companions mouth while she pointed off one direction... "at red raptor we had crap." Whaaaat theeee? turns out she said "at red lobster we had crab." Hahaha! sometimes the accent still morphs things in my ears. 

8. i hit 9 months this week. no biggie

Update on grandpa ted... he took a turn for the worst this weekend. We saw him this morning and he looked really bad. The nurse said he has about a week. So we fed him some cherry coke and tapioca while we was laying in his bed. He's really confused and weak. The nurse said that pretty soon he'll start talking to people we don't see (so cool if you really think about it! angels!). I can't even believe that he got baptized 2 months ago! 2!! Heavenly Father was so in charge of that whole thing! Here's a little funny... i actually owe grandpa $26.00 because we had to use his card at costco Haha! I gave Sister Martin the money, not sure if grandpa will ever use that money himself... maybe i could buy him some more cherry coke or something. 

Today sister martin took us to "Bennihanas." It's a Japanese food place where they make the food on the hot table in front of you! They do tricks and throw things and the whole shabang! :D it was so much fun! Now we're going to play some sports with the elders and then go to Bible Study tonight! Life is good! I forgot my camera cable so I don't have any pictures, unless i can steal one from an elder... i'll see what i can do!

sister barfuss

ps- i sent todd a bday package with a whole bunch of super right wing bumper stickers and stuff :) hahaha he'll hate it! oh and some candy :)

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