Wednesday, January 29, 2014

"that was the first time i've ever seen a horse. the only horse i've ever seen was in a movie."

You guys are killin' me! You had a Saltine Challenge for FHE!? that's so awesome! :D (Saltine Challenge = seeing if you can eat 6 crackers in a minutes - it's impossible!  Try it!) I miss you guys like crazy. Please continue to be cool like that when I come back okay!? and I totally think there is a homeless person in the house next door to you! I won't lie, I see so many homeless people now days that it's not out of the ordinary anymore! . maybe a cutie will move in for moomoo :)  I think they have a homeless person sneaking in at night to sleep.....creepy. (Our Neighbors moved out a few years ago and have been renting their house ever since.  Now it is empty as the last group "broke up" and moved out.  Each morning I pull up the blind over the sink in the kitchen  and some mornings the basement blind at the neighbors is up, and some mornings it's down.........)

A couple of weeks ago a less active mom that we are teaching and  her 5 kids told us they are moving (and it's because she is spending the rent money on drugs!!) So that means the kids don't get to be taught by us anymore because of drugs.... I was SO mad. I cried and cried and cried. It was right after our stake conference. We talked with a few people and the main thing they all told me was that we have to trust that Heavenly Father is going to take care of those kids no matter where their mom makes them go. I didn't like that answer, but now I do. Trusting the Lord can take a lot of trust!! haha you know what I mean.. It is so much easier to live your life keeping the commandments. But you're right, the atonement is infinite. Thank goodness for Christ and His perfect, giving, patient, and loving self. I love Christ with all my heart and I  think President Monson said it best, "it's all going to work out."
  I believe him.

1. we went to SDSU's campus because sister bauro was getting some help with applying to BYU-Hawaii. It was so weird to be in a college environment. I had to get out of there quick because it was a perfect place to get TRUUUUUNKY!!

2. We ended up in down town this week and saw the Padre's stadium! It was HUGE! I'm totally going there one day! (hey dad, let's go to a game some day yeah!? okay cool!)

3. there are these giant packs (a tribe? a gaggle??) of wild green parrots that fly around here and if you close your eyes and listen to them it sounds like you are in Jurassic Park! It's so freaky!

4. I tried almond milk! the unsweetened kind only has 30 calories and NO sugar! yay!

5. You know "The District" show about missionaries in San Diego? It was filmed in the zone right below me. I could walk to the houses they film it in if I wanted to!

6. Someone told me this week that they would love to have me as their "drunk buddy." That is the second time I've heard that! don't drink! it does nothing good for you!

7. We drove past a guy on a horse this week and I freaked out and said "Look! It's Idaho!!! LOOK!!!!!" then Sister Bauro turned to me and said "that was the first time i've ever seen a horse. the only horse i've ever seen was on a movie." You better believe I pulled a U-turn and drove past really slow so she could look at it again!! 

8. speaking of Idaho... a lady asked me where i was from and I told her Idaho. her response was "you look like you're from Idaho." WHAT THE HECK does that mean?

9. Remember my raccoon friend? Well I saw him again, so I decided to name him Raquel the Raccoon! but then we left for church on Sunday morning and he was laying in the road all gory and deathly. It was a bummer day... i lost the only pet racoon i've ever had!

10. The movie about the missionaries that got kid napped in Russia is playing down here! Don't get any ideas you creepers.....

11. I called a former investigator from 2001 (I was 8 when missionaries first taught him) and no one answered, so I left a message. Turns out a lady called us back and told us he was dead. AWKWARRRRD.

12. I met a lady that said she was a witch. She even has a crystal ball. It was kinda different.

13. I needed some new tennis shoes, so we went to the mall and pulled a fast one, check it out... we went to the "kids foot locker" and got their biggest size of the shoe I wanted. It ended up being a size 7 in kids, which is a 9 in womens! the same pair was $49 in that store, but $110 (ON SALE!!) at the adult foot locker. I thank sister martin for that idea. BOOYAH!!!
well I hope that February will be merry and bright :) I'm excited to be single for another Valentines Day! (that makes 20 straight!) New world record!!
love love love you!

sister barfuss

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