Tuesday, January 7, 2014

there aren't any guns in Kiribati. whoa.

 what's the deal with everybody from pocatello marrying people from pocatello? pretty soon the new babies are going to have 12 toes if we're not careful!

can i just say that i love the closing little quote thing you did. all about UP!

okay so transfer calls were today and i'll be staying in spring valley another 6 weeks! sister bauro is too, so that means ill be "killing her." ill take her to the airport and everything... so that means things are going to be getting even more TRUNKY around here. that's a interesting challenge for sister barfuss... it is EXTREMELY difficult for me to not think about home. so i'll be working on that for the next weeks. 

1. I had gumbo with a southern baptist this week. it was GOOD!
2. played flickerball for pday last week and it was my favorite thing in the whole world! it's a mix of basketball, football, and frisbee!
3. we were teaching a lesson on a doorstep in one of the scary parts of our area this week and we heard 2 gun shots... not lying. the man we were teaching said "yeah, you guys should be careful around here." uhhhhhhhhhhhh....
4. did you know that sister bauro had never seen a gun until she came to america? there aren't any guns in Kiribati. whoa.
5. sister bauro and i study english every morning for an hour. grammar is the hardest to teach, i feel like an terrible english teacher sometimes! saying the word "verily" is almost impossible for her. Rs are hard, Ls are hard, and the word "air" is way tough... therefore "verily" is bad news! she's a good sport though!
6. i got another cold this week! like what the heck!? i got a flu shot and i take vitamins. but whatever. that's two for me since i got to spring valley! i slept at least 30 hours in the last 2 days! ohhhhhhh yeahhh!!!
7. old drunk men yell at us in spanish sometimes and i always say in my head "you should be grateful i don't speak spanish!!" but then the Lord reminds me to be more Christlike :) haha
8. when i was sick i made my own fresh squeezed orange juice! it was yummy! i even put it in the blender and made it "flerpy" like grandma barfuss does! it was aweZome
9. my license expires on my birthday... just a heads up on that one :) heh

and here's a miracle for ya :) so we added an investigator on Saturday! at 6:30 that night we went to jack in the box to grab dinner really fast and as soon as we pulled up to order she got off a bus that pulled up on the road right next to us! so sister bauro yelled for her and we pulled out and bought her a burger! we learned all about her and she ended up saying that she got off the bus here because she "needed to go to the bathroom." turns out she usually stays on the bus for a few more stops... do you think the Heavenly Father wants us to talk to her? UH YEAH. :) MIRACLE. 

i love you mamas!!
sister barfuss

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