Wednesday, February 5, 2014

"I don't need a new coat of paint. I'm fine the way I am! Leave me alone."

The Super Bowl?
I didn't even know it was happening until I was teaching Gospel Principles this week and somebody raised their hand talking about it. I thought to myself "what has happened to me!? Am I not even on this planet!!??"
I got your package!! Turns out my zone leaders left it in their car for a whole week.... ... come on sillies! But the audio talks have been so perfect. When my mind wants to get trunky I turn on a talk! We've listened to all of October 2010! Hollah! I LOVED so many of them. My note book has some great notes in it from them! The spanish book was great! (we sent her a "Spanish Phrases for Dummies" booklet). The cinnamon bears don't have sugar!?? I've worn the earrings everyday since I got the packy (they are "M's" for Marysa but she tells people the "M's" stand for MORMON!)

I also got a package from The Hansens :) Malia sent me a BoM to give out with her testimony inside, a little chocolate, and then parts of a book Kayloni is reading and they were MIND BLOWING! I'm going to send them a nice piece of mail this week. Grandma Preece sent me a letter that was long and lovely... she always makes sure that my p-days are full of love :) i got a letter from moomoo and I'll be responding to that promptly, love her stinkin guts. And then Sarah sent me a letter with her and Greg Fajita's engagment story! Now she's going to be Sarah Fajita :) hehehe
If you get on my "" email there is an email there from Sister Martin with a video of us and Grandpa Ted they day before he passed away. Check it out! I have NOOO idea what my password is :) hehehe. His memorial is Friday night, it will be fun to celebrate him!
1. One of the trailer parks we do a lot of work in got taken under control by a bunch of homeland security investgators... they cleaned out a whole trailer and then left like it was nobody's business. Uhhhhhh.......
2. The gas stations here are starting to get TVs installed where you get gas! Like right next to the screen where you push all the buttons and such. No even joking. So now we can't even get gas with out being tempted by worldly garbage. sheesh.
3. I have a question for the general public... Everything in the Book of Mormon is extremely important right? So I want to know what God wants us to learn from all of the war chapters? I know they are very valuable, but what is your person opinion on them?
4. I think I should be a PE teacher when I grow up. Pday sports gives me a high for like 6 days!
5. We helped set up a wedding this week! It was in our member's back yard. It was sunny, warm, and beautiful :) They are going to get married in the temple when she has been a member for a year! I was in charge of putting the clote on the arch where they were getting married and making it pretty. I literally had to channel my "inner mom" because I KNOW she would make that thing look so stinkin good! I was so scared to ruin all their pictures!!

STORY: This week an elderly couple asked us to paint their fence. Of course we said yes. When we showed up I looked at the fence and said in my head "this isn't even bad at all! It's still white!" We painted it anyway. While I was painting I was kind of bored so Heavenly Father took a moment to teach me something. He showed me the there really was a BIG difference between the unpainted and painted side, but before I started painting I would have never guessed it could look so good. So what of that?? Well, I learned that a lot of the time I say "I'm still pretty pure. I'm good. I don't need to refresh myself and change." Aka- "I don't need a new coat of paint. I'm fine the way I am! Leave me alone." Too often I don't realize how much better life could be because I choose to just stay where I'm at, but life could be so much better! So much richer! Jesus Christ is ALWAYS standing by with a bucket of white paint to help us repaint our fence, but He's not going to paint it for us! We have to spend the time and energy, but He supplies the paint... pure, white, THICK paint. Paint that covers everything up COMPLETELY. I just have to get my paintbrush out and get working.

The Gospel of Jesus Christ is real and it's true. Jesus Christ made a promise to me that He would suffer for my sins and I KNEW that He would keep it! He suffered. He kept His promise! Heavenly Father is currently keeping His promise to me that He would never leave me alone. They will NEVER let me down. They love me too much.
I love you and I know that Heavenly Father loves you. Unconditionally. Isn't that the coolest thing ever? :)

Sister Barfuss

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