Friday, February 14, 2014

"what is the definition of illegal?" "a sick bird!!" get it? an "ill eagle"

Thank you for the updating letter mamas! I loved getting some pictures and updates in the mail!! I loved how you had "barfuss memory time" so i included my favorite memory of when katelyn told us she was pregnant with Peter! Remember how i cried and cried and cried because i was so excited!!?? I'm going to be honest, i completely do not remember holding Emily down on the couch until she agreed to eat the Brazil nut that we told her was a monkey tongue. what!? I'm glad that you liked my fence story... i was wondering if it was kind of a stretch, but whatever, apparently someone needed it along with me! Heavenly Father works in mysterious ways! I'm glad that you included in your talk that i have struggled with anxiety, because guess what!? I DO! I STILL DO! I think it's pretty easy for people to think that "sister barfuss has it together. she can talk to anyone! she's got it all in the bag!" NOPE. boink! I still have to decide to do missionary work every morning and i still have things i'm trying to be better at that i've been working on for 10 months! (ps- i hit 10 months this week.) i emailed brennan and he said he was "trunky" haha! he's so excited to see us again :) i know how that is! it's HARD to be away from poke-a-fellow. (Pocatello) Dad gets to go to WIS!? have so much fun okay!? and those pictures of katelyn and peter are adorable. STOP THE CUTENESS! 
Yay for all the valentines fun stuff!! I can't wait! :D Guess what I get to do on valentines day!? Well because sister bauro is leaving on Monday she gets to go with all the other missionaries that are leaving to the temple on friday and have a " fun day with the clayton's day" which means I don't have a companion. SO i get to go out with another sister who won't have a companion either and guess what!?? She's in spanish work!! So I get to be in spanish work on Friday, Monday, Tuesday, and a little bit of Wednesday because she'll be my companion. "Me casa es su casa!" that's about all i've got! haha! I'll drop sister bauro off on monday morning at the airport with two other sisters and they will take me home to their apartment. then i'll pick up my new companion on wednesday morning... BUT!! i could get transferred and they would white wash spring valley! Who knows!? i've been here for 4 transfers now and if you stay for 6 tranfers it's WAAAY long, like 9 months. You join the "sixers" club which is hard club to get into in the mission :) haha!
Grandpa Ted's memorial went great! Here were my favorite parts... they said he was an optimist, he never complained, he always said "we're heading in the right direction!", and then my favorite, one of his jokes- "what is the definition of illegal?" "a sick bird!!" hahaha! get it? an "ill eagle" NOOOW you get it don't you!? hahaha!
1. a sister from my old zone is on American Idol. no biggy. her name is Raylene Riggs! GO SISTER RIGGS!!!
2. jessica barfuss' sister that's in the same mission as me, now covers the same area as me! she takes care of the spanish and we take care of the english! we're friends! her name is sister benfield!
3. president said finger nail polish was okay this week!! so i went wild and painted them bright pink. but then they chipped in like 3 hours so i said "Yeah right i'm never doing that again!" too high maintenance.
4. when i sign papers i write "s. barfuss" on them. well to me that says "s. barfuss" as in "scott barfuss" so i feel weird. but whatever! reminds me of my favorite daddy.
5. i had navajo tacos with a for realzies man that is navajo. they were AWESOME. he spoke some navajo to us and it was insane.
6. i met a guy this week from idaho! he was one of the investigators that helped bust some of the KKK leaders in northern idaho... i could not BELIEVE what he was telling me.
7. president clayton cracked down on using "f words" this week. like your classic "freakin, fetchin, flippin, fargin." good thing i already had parents that cracked down on that my whole freakin life! (hahahaha joke WAS intended there! don't hate me mom!!)
8. we get to have a special missionary fireside with Clayton Christensen tonight! Remember how you gave me that book dad!?? it's going to be awesome.
So we've been listening to general conference right!? well this week we were listening and all the sudden Cecil O. Samuelson spoke! (the president of BYU) well then it dawned on me...  "I'VE CLEANED YOUR CONDO!!!"  I listened intently to see if he would share a story about the day he learned something from the BYU MTC custodians that cleaned his condo... but there was nothing mentioned. he must have forgotten to bring us up. hate it when that happens! haha
Favorite quotes of the week...
1. "Establish celestial traditions." -general conference somebody
2. "I've discovered that doing the things that scare you the most, end up changing your life." -moomoo
Well in honor of valentines day, I LOVE YOU!! but i loved you before this week too! this next week will be full of adventures... who knows what weird things i'll email you about next week! haha!
s. barfuss

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