Tuesday, February 25, 2014

So pretty much I have become the mission's resident English tutor :)

Sis. Kate Summers - neighbor friend from home serving in New Jersey -  sent this picture to Marysa.  A Kit Kat with a quote from Marysa on it!!

Thank you for the barfuss funny again :) (message Mary's Mom if you want to hear 2 more funny stories from Marysa's childhood) Yeah, and i really don't know what to do about my future life... bahhhhhhh. I don't want to think about it, but i have to eventually. And i don't have any money and it's really expensive, so pretty much i'm just going to let Heavenly Father help me not stress about it. I'm going to think about the options you looked up for me (THANK YOU!!) and see what feels right. I don't know, but recently I've been really wanting to do hair school and live my dreams. The mission has taught me how to be more aggressive and how to receive help from Heavenly Father, so i want to do things that He knows I can be successful at! You know what i mean!? here we go...

And the news about the parrish family pretty much just broke my heart. i honestly feel kind of numb right now. i have NO idea how jensen and ian are handling all of it, because that news is horrifying. I want to do something for them, but right now prayer is the best option. sometimes i take people and things for granted and i don't want to be like that anymore. the only thing i can honestly think to type right now is "In the strength of the Lord, I can do all things."
I KNOW that jensen and ian are loved by Heavenly Father.

well this week has been the craziest week of my life BECAUSE... i got whitewashed into a new area!! which means that my companion and i are both brand new to the area. and just to make everything a little more crazy, my companion (sister huang) normally serves at the mormon battalion and this is her first transfer going full proselyting AND 
she is 1 of 3 Mandarin speaking sisters in our mission AND she's from Taiwan!!! So pretty much everything is brand new for her and most everything is brand new for me. I think President Clayton pulled her out for full proselyting so her English could get stronger and so she could study for the full 3 hours everyday. 
So pretty much I have become the mission's resident English tutor :) since this is two companions in a row for me that i got to help with english!  I'm all about foreign companions and them teaching me their language and i teach them English! So here is what is really exciting!! My new zone was the only zone that didn't have sisters in it yet, so 
we broke the last "elders only zone"!!!  :D I WAS PUMPED when President Clayton announced us!! Everyone in the stake is excited to have some sisters since it's been 20 plus years :) so my new zone is literally called the 
"San Diego Zone" because it's right smack in downtown san diego. We serve just a tad inland, but old town, down town, and the airport are in our zone! and check this out... SDSU IS IN OUR AREA!!!! So basically our life is crazy. we've spent every single day organizing our ward list, seeing who lives where, figuring out where in the world we are (thank goodness for my GPS!!), and trying to meet people! I've felt a little overwhelmed and sister huang is very quiet and kind, so I've had to put on my "big girl panties" and get stuff done. Who would have ever guessed I would be brave when i got older!!? haha Our ward name is the San Diego 8th ward. woot woot!

1. Elder Birch from pocatello is my district dad!!! (see the picture!) elder birch and i both were freaking out when we realized who each other were! haha
2. Another missionary showed up to the mission! sister baker! she was in my seminary class! so i think that means there are 5 missionaries here that went to Highland High School! bahaha i was the first and then they just kept coming!
3. President Clayton called two more elders that were english speaking to learn Arabic! WHHHAAAAT!!!!?? Can yo even imagine that happening to you!? (knock on wood)
4. i make a fruit smoothie every morning and i decided to start blending it on the "milkshake" setting rather than the "smoothie" setting so i could feel like i was eating a treat :) yeah buddy.
5  aunt leslie and cousin kellie are in my new ward... like seriously.... it's creepy..... they might have twins they never knew about
6 i go over on average 31 speed bumps a day. truth.
7.i slept talked the other night and made sister huang sooooooo scared. but i remember nothing. she had to tell me. hahahahha!
8 our fleet coordinator told me that i'm going to get a new license today from idaho!! waahoo!!

well the best story i have this week was when we went out our first night to proselyte... we were driving in the dark trying to find the apartment of a guy and all the sudden three or four cops coming flying up behind us and pull over this car in front of us... well all the sudden a helicopter with a spot light shines down on us and the cops next to us pull out a gun! well i'm freaking out because i'm driving and i don't know what to do, but sister huang is freaking out because she has never seen a gun!!! BAHHH!! whaaaaaaaaaat theeeeeeeeeeeeeeee heck? so basically we just sat there and said a little prayer and then watched it all unfold. the guy got arrested. 
so cheers to another week in san diego! :D bahaha 
my life is SO not boring at all.

i love you guys. so so so much. thank you for your prayers and support, i felt them this week. 
sister barfuss

Oh my lanta I'm laughing so hard right now!! Hahaha! I would get all mad over a bra... hehehe. PLEASE keep telling me more funnies like that, because they make me crack up! (if you want to read the bra story you'll have to message Marysa's Mom). Are you kidding me about dad and Elder Bednar!?? Man, I would have loved to sit in on that meeting. And he was at your table!?? So if you trace the hand you shook his hand with on a piece of paper and then send it to me in the mail and then I shake that  paper hand, i technically shook Elder Bednar's hand? NICE! let's do it ;) Moomoo is a bride!!!(Emily tried out for 7 Brides for 7 Brothers) :D GO MOO!!! She is going to be so great :) remember when brennan missed katelyn in les mis because he was going on his mission... same thing here. i wish i could watch it so bad! AND KATELYN AND TODD ARE MOVING BACK TO PROVO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) :) :) :) OH. MY. GOODNESS. Heavenly Father knew that i would really miss peter on my mission... but since i went on a mission I'll still be in provo when they get there! Tender mercy. Not an accident people. 

Mom I got the strawberries! :D They were so beautiful! And yumma-lumma :) you always make me feel special! The scented stickers, funny valentine jokes, straw glasses, and planes were the bomb. Thank you for always helping me smile! HAPPY VALENTINES DAY! And Peter sent me a hand made valentine!!! That was the first piece of artwork I've received from him :) i put it up on my wall! I maybe cried a little bit okay!?

Well i got a call this morning and i'm being transferred! I'm really bummed to leave my family here, because honestly they are. But i also know that i need to be pushed some more and life was WAY too easy for me in Spring Valley. So pretty much i can tell Heavenly Father has new lessons to teach me, which makes me excited! I love the feeling of knowing that President Clayton listened to exactly what God told him to do with me. So here we go!! Spring Valley is going to be ticked because they all thought i would stay for sure since sister bauro left... but a good whitewash every once in a while is good. Who ever gets transfered here is going to LOOOOVE it. (and our apartment is DANG clean!) I will love Spring Valley for ever and ever and ever. You better believe I'm coming back one day! So the question is where will I go? Who is my new companion? What in the world is going to happen to me tomorrow? i have no idea. hehehe. 

1. The April 2011 Sunday Morning session of General Conference is the best 2 hours of noise your ears could ever listen to. Whether you are "busy" this week or not, LISTEN TO IT! You won't regret it. Heavenly Father wants you to listen to it too. I seriously had my mind blown 87 times.

2. One of the families we taught this week had the TV on and it was the Spongebob Squarepants Movie (or whatever it's called). It was at the part when the monsters help them get out of the trench and into shell city. so i laughed really hard inside. Then later my mind started thinking of my very favorite part when spongebob and patrick think they are never going to get to shell city and they are crying, but then David Hasselhoff shows up and gives them a ride on his back! Hahahaha! And then when they need to get from the surface down to the sand and he puts them in between his pecs and launches them down! HAHA! I seriously was laughing SO hard to myself. (pretty much only me, moo, and maybe brennan will think this is funny :) hehehe). Good times, good times.

3. I had to go to a liquor store twice this week. My companion needed money from the Western Union and that was the only one in our area... Talk about not avoiding the appearance of evil. It was so sad to see everyone coming in there and feeding their addictions. The cashier knew all of their names because they come in everyday. Don't do it! Not even once. 

4. This week I got to be "Hermana Barfuss" for 3 days! The first was on Valentines day and Hermana Hughes (my new Spanish companion from IDAHO!!) taught me just a few phrases. Then she said "Okay! you're in charge of praying all day!" My response was, "Uhhhhhhh.................." And guess what!? I prayed in Spanish 3 different times! I almost wet my skirt 3 different times too. But the people we were teaching were so nice to me :) haha! Hermana Hughes also made me read el libro de mormon when we read it with a part member family. BAHHHAHAHAA! Oh man that was rough. But i learned a lot... that i should definitely be an English missionary! :D Nothing like a little reassurance!!

Well i had an experience this week. I don't really want to talk all about it because it just makes me mad. (like century volleyball. HAHAHAHA)(Marysa could never beat Century). But a really rude man said some things to me that upset me. They were all complete lies and garbage. But here is what I learned... You will NEVER know if the Book of Mormon is true unless you read it. You have to read it. It really is that simple. And being someone that read it with real intent to know if Nephi is a real person, and if King Benjamin is a real person, and if Alma is a real person, I can say that THEY ARE! I know it and I know that God knows that I know. I'll tell anybody anywhere! it's true and i LOVE it! And the best part about the Book of Mormon being true is that it automatically means I know Joseph Smith is a true prophet because he translated it! Isn't that so great!? Combo pack. When i give people a copy of the Book of Mormon I always say "hey, be careful. if you read it, you'll absolutely love it." :) hermana hughes gave me a copy of it in spanish and said i should read it. hehehehe. baffffffff.

We've been to the airport twice in 24 hours (that=trunky), we've slept in other peoples' beds, we haven't exercised in 3 days because we've been getting up so early to take people places, we don't think we've ever thrown away so much of other people's garbage from an apartment in our whole entire life, and my world is going to be flipped upside down tomorrow. So i would really appreciate some prayers :) haha. And with that being said, I think Hermana Hughes and I are going to play some sports for the next few hours :D thank stinkin goodness. SOCCER!

I LOVE YOU. i love my life :)
sister barfuss 

ps- the pictures are my reaction to katelyn coming to BYU :D

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