Wednesday, April 9, 2014

"oh do we have happy news!"

Where in the world is Marysa in San Diego???
She's in POWAY!! Okay so my life is 100% different than it was last week.
I went from down town San Diego to the country of San Diego, 
I went from a family ward to a YSA ward, and I went from living in a scary apartment to a members HUGE house,
annnnnnnd now I'm a Sister Training Leader, so pretty much my life is crazy!
My companion is Sister Landeen from Riverton :) She is 21, a physical therapy major, went to Utah State before her mission and is heading to UofU after the mission.
She loves basketball and has 4 brothers, so she is super chill and really obedient.
She and I came out together, so we'll hit our year mark together here in a couple of weeks! 
She is A  BOSS!!!!!!
Seriously though, she has taught me so much already and she is super good at everything I stink at still :) bahaha
So basically she and I go on exchanges 1-2 times a week and we cover the Sisters around us all the way out in the valley by the Arizona border... so we are going to drive a lot.
Our YSA ward covers a huge area too so we have to plan one day for each ward in the stakes we cover.
We cover two stakes and it goes about an hour north of us... into the back country of San Diego.
When I say back country I mean it! There are a few YSA members we need to meet and they live in the woods an hour from us in a branch!
People are very wealthy around here and have big houses, land, and horses. It looks a lot like the expensive parts of Utah.
It's weird because I've pretty much always served in the scary parts that are a little dumpy.
 I love waking up to it smelling like horse doodoo... smells familiar :) hehehehe

We live with a member couple that is 70ish years old! We have a room upstairs and a bathroom next to it. Our fridge is in the garage and
 I use their magic bullet every single day :D HOLLAH!!! They had a bunch of family over for a family reunion this week so the house was quite lively!
 They ran the SoCal ragnar! The Quiggles are really into gardening so we have to take care of their garden when they go out of town for 2 weeks this month.
They have a huge pool that we can't get in, but I can sit in the pool chair next to in and drink in the sunlight!! :D I love my life. 

Wanna hear something weird? I now spend ALL DAY looking for people between the ages of 18 and 30 that are single. It's so weird.

Okay conference was the BEST. SERIOUSLY!! I was juiced from the very moment it started with Elder Holland! He get's me fired up!! And guess what... Sister Landeen is PUMPED about our area and the work! She's only been in this area for 6 weeks, so we get to do things differently!
 I LOOOVE it when I'm watching a talk and I'm all "yep. uh huh. say that again! dang. yep."
Okay so the talks that blew my mind were
Elder Bednar's- I can relate to getting stuck in the snow :) that imagery was money for me! And it really is ALL about the load.
Then when President Eyring talked about how the reason we aren't always blessed immediately for righteous things is because that would never build faith!
Same with sinning, it doesn't always bite you in the bum the second you do it... it takes time for the consequences to creep into your life.
 I can't wait for the conference Ensign! It's so hard to not be able to read the talks whenever we want! We want iPads!!!

This week we added three new investigators!!!!!!! :D :D :D We met 2 guys up in Ramona (google earth that town, it's awesome) and one said he smoked marijuana all the time.
He was 18 and I have never promised something so firmly in my life... pretty much we told him that if he took the time to meet with us and took everything we said seriously, he would change the rest of his life, he would change his current family's life, and then he would change his future kids!
Then we met a less active guy in our ward with his friend, his friend's brother passed away in March... "oh do we have happy news!"  
Answers are everything in this world of confusion :)

Well. Stay classy San Diego.
 "BE OF GOOD CHEER, I have overcome the world."

loves yous,
Sister Barfuss

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