Thursday, April 3, 2014


Dang today is crazy. I just got a call that I'm being transferred.... seriously though. I just got here 6 weeks ago and I got WHITEWASHED IN!! What is up with that!?? So pretty much I have to go back and pack today. I just finished unpacking. BAHH!! My life is crazy exciting. very crazy. very exciting. So I'm just going to spit out everything REAL quick :D

Fun Facts!!
1. I had dinner with Natalie Poole's sister (from Pocatello)... her name is Sister Bergendork-Clark. We talked about Justin for a bit! 
2. I got the best SDSU shirt. oh my lanta i LOVE it.
3. That picture of us getting ice cream on the missionary mom page?!? How in the world did you see it?? That lady that took it is our stake president's wife!... that ice cream shop is in the middle of Hillcrest 
4. We got to do service up in Ramona on Saturday for a stake relief society event.  We were in the kitchen the whole time and we got our bums HANDED TO US.  I haven't cut so many croissants in my whole entire life...
5. I wore jeans this week and every time I went to the bathroom I forgot to put up my fly... i'm just not used to zippers anymore hahaha
6. The General Women's meeting was wonderful!! I bawled the whole time... mostly because I knew that all of my favorite women (mamas, moomoo, katelyn, grandma) were watching it at the same time. I loved the music!!!
7. A member this week said to me "Sister Barfuss, you are SOO Idahoan. Just look at you. Listen to the way you talk!" hahahha what does that mean!!??

Here's the spiritual side of my week... we had a guy get all up in our grill at a restaurant this week. He was going off about how we are selfish and how we don't have an education and we're almost 21. After a bit I was getting a little annoyed with him and said "how old are you man? do YOU have a degree??" he was such a punk. Well, all the sudden -  a guy in a booth down the aisle stood up and came over and told him to back off. This random guy TOTALLY stood up for us and told the other guy to settle down. I learned that you might not agree with people, but you can still stand up for them and love them. Seriously, I thought I was in a "what would you do?" TV episode and the guy they were testing was a champ! After we ate our food and left we waved to him and said thank you... I am SO thankful for that man and I've never even spoken to him.

I'll let you know what happens to me next week.... bahhhh my life is crazy!!
sister barfuss

Elder Birch - Sis. Barfuss, McKee & Baker

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