Friday, April 18, 2014

why is she HUGGING A PIG?

The #BecauseofHim  deal is awesome! We're supposed to be telling everyone we meet about it all week! Yay! I've learned so much about Christ this week... stay tuned. Katelyn's little tribute to you and dad was awesome! and i'm going to have to completely agree with everything she said! :) i heart you guys. 

I GOT THE CLOTHES BOX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) :) :) :) OH MY I'M SOOOO HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!! they are all so cute and so perfect!!!!!!!! SERIOUSLY THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!! i love the skirts :) they are the perfect length and size and you got so many cute colors!!! and the shirts are wonderful!!!! i'm going to be so cute!!!!!!!!! :D 

1. the members we live with were on vacation for the last week and when they left they said "sisters, trash day is tuesday just in case you need to get rid of evidence of the wild party you are planning." hahahaha

2. i am SO GRATEFUL TO BE ON A MISSION! mamas and daddy thank you for supporting me and helping me be able to even be out here. the money spent is well worth the life experience and spirituality gained. i'm so so so so grateful! i love you!

3. i shortened one of my dresses this week and i felt like mamas. i always tell people that "my mom is way cooler than me." :D hehe

4. we serve in our ward along with a senior couple form utah. they are so dang funny! they feed us once a week! elder and sister Van Alfen are my favorite. we get laughing so hard all the time. you should facebook stalk them and add them :)

5. i hit a year this week. and i hit 21 in a few weeks. I'M AN OLD FART!

6. being in a YSA ward is interesting. you have to be in the ward, but not of the ward. my life is so funny hehehe

alright! here is my "new thing i learned about Christ." 

The Poway stake has been doing a 100 day reading program that leads up to Easter. Well one of the days this week i read about how He is the Light of the world. I though about that and thought some more. Here's what i came up with.... you how when people have depression struggles doctors often have them do "light therapy" where they sit in front of a lamp in the mornings and the light triggers chemicals that help us be happy?
 well i think that's just how it is with Christ being our light and our spirit needing to have light so it doesn't get depressed. If our spirit goes a long time with out Christ's light, it get's depressed. 
The only thing that pulls us out of the darkness is Christ's light. But to have the light we have to turn on the lamp (aka- read the scriptures, pray, fhe, read our patriarchal blessing, fast, read general conference talks, ANYTHING that teaches us more about Him!) 

So this week i want to "bask my soul in Christ's Light!" He is the reason I am happy. He is the reason i have hope. He is the reason that i want to talk to others about their potential. 
Jesus Christ is the reason that any of us have a chance. If you really think about it, without Him, it's over. I'm sunk. BUT IT'S NOT OVER! I'M NOT SUNK! I'M HAPPY!!! :)

okay. this week is going to be awesome. we're headed to the El Centro valley for exchanges and it's like 89 degrees there... AT NIGHT. i'm gonna die. 


loveskies :)
sister barfuss

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