Wednesday, May 21, 2014


 Malia made me a bracelet for my birthday!

i slept on the couch cushions in the middle of their beds. i was out in the valley 1,5 hours away. i got back to SD at 10:30 this morning

it was 100 ALLLLLLL WEEK!!! it was so hot

 sunsets during the fires, taken driving 55mph no I wasn't driving :)

The title of my email is supposed to be said like the Grinch when he burns the Who's Christmas tree down! BURN BABY BURN!!! 
But the reality is these fires have been super destructive - so

Well this week was somethin' else... here are the FUN FACTS!
1. it was over 100 degrees all week. it go to the point that i could not function. i had sweated (swat?) out of my three layers and i didn't have a drop of water left in my body. we had to take a break in the church. yeah, yeah, all you missionaries that served somewhere hotter (brennan) are thinking that i'm a baby, but holy cow it was HOT. let me complain okay?? :)

2. you know how we have snow days in idaho and we get school off? well here they are called fire days. and you get school off.

3. it was so hot this week that my vaseline melted in my drawer. it was liquid.

4. my favorite feeling is getting up at 6:15 on saturday mornings and going to do service at 8:00 AM. yeah boy.

5. i hit 13 months this week..... STOPPPPPPPPPPP!!!!

6. there was a parade going on in ramona while i was mowing a members lawn. that was fun!

7. there was a camel farm in ramona. CAMELS. what the hay? they even eat hay??

8. this week we taught a family and for dinner they fed us hot dogs wrapped in bacon. 
ohhhhhhhh sweet mercy.....
9. sister kylie mckee and sister brittney baker from pocatello are companions now. hahahhaha

10. when my GPS says certain names it says them wrong. like in-n-out burger is "in north burger."  4S ranch road is "four south ranch road" hahaha

11. check out the hash tag "#realbookofmormon" or "#realbom"  it's a campaign for the REAL book of mormon because the book of mormon play is coming out this week downtown. there will be pictures of me and sister landeen on that twitter account

12. i love the indian dish "dhokla" man that stuff is good. it's like corn bread with cilantro. mmmmmmmmmm :)

13. this last transfer sister landeen and i gave out 44 copies of the book of mormon. most of them were on the street!

14. we did some service in ramona and we went to "the back 40" meaning THE BOONIES! we went over cattle guards, through gates, next to tractors, over dirt roads. it felt SOOO good. 

15. this week divorce, drugs, anorexia, and anxiety became even more real. we meet a lot of people that have very difficult lives. some self inflicted, some not so much. 

hey some of my YSA ward members are taking a road trip to Idaho over memorial weekend!! they are bringing a bag of stuff :) you gotta realize that you are going to meet my ward mission leader and my relief society president! they will have talked to me like the day before they see you! haha

okay lets talk about the fires!! so the first one started right after i emailed you last week. and it was in our area! like our stake was burning! so the closest fire to us was the Bernardo Fire. we couldn't go to that part of our area for 3 daysish. it was about 10 minutes from where we live but it was TOTALLY in our area. i think 3 companionships actually got evacuated. it was super smokey and way nasty. the YSAs in our ward from the west part of our area had to get evacuated. missionaries almost had to stay at our house for the night. our stake and the stake next to us were a mess for a little while, but it's all good now! i'll send more of the fire and then the aftermath in just a bit. pretty much i SUPER DID NOT LIKE not being able to watch the news... BUT! i made up for it by going "fire chasing" from afar... i had to bribe sister landeen with Subway so she would give up her dinner hour so i could fulfill my fire chasing dreams!! hahaha Mamas you know how that is with me :) STORM CHASING!! it was wild. 

i love you guys! like super super lot :)
sister barfuss 

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