Thursday, May 29, 2014

Old Spice deodorant works WAY better than women's foofoo garbage stuff.

Can i just say how hard i laughed when you titled your email "worship emily week"!!?? hahahaha Man i got going on that one.... hehhehe

1. I use Old Spice deodorant now. it works WAY better than women's foofoo garbage stuff.

2. I was at Five Guys this week and the Bittersweet Symphony came on the radio and i almost had to run. that is my FAVORITE. bahhhhhh. just when i had forgotten about it!

3. the best feeling in the world is when you hear someone talking about how one of your past companions is super good at something that you both worked on really hard when you were companions :) makes me smile

4. went on an exchange with a spanish sister this week and she kept calling me "Hermana Barfuss" hahaha In MY DREAMS!!

5. we knocked on the door of a guy that is a recent covert  and right when he opened the door his little brother who is 4 said "Oh man!! I just farted!!"and then he ran into the bathroom and hid the whole time we were there :) hahahahahaha

6. talked in church this week. there were two people. i was last. i had about 8 minutes. hahaha.

7. my sleep talking was a wreck this week!! since i slept at 3 different companionship's apartments throughout the week i got to hear each of them freak out on me in the morning and tell me everything i said. my favorite one was that i was planning my lunch for the next day. hahaha

8. we started riding bikes in the morning for exercise. my bum HURTS. my legs feel gooooood. 

9. we did service for a Polo club this week. Polo, as in that sport that you play with horses and a stick :) hahaha it was wild. some how i feel like you have to have a lot of money to play that sport......? mAAAybe.

since it was MTE (missionary training exchange) week, i got destroyed. i'm pretty sure that sister landeen and i only had 1 full day in our area because we had to go "coach" the other missionaries. bahaha as if i have tons to offer them. i got a headache on monday and then tuesday and the wednesday and then thursday and then friday. not saturday. one on sunday. so then yesterday my head erupted. i haven't had a migraine for like 9 months so it's okay, it was time. i just laid on my bed in the dark with my sunglasses and took the nose shooter things that go up your nose and then down your throat. BLEHHHHHHHH. i feel a lot better now. but man, my body needs to stay in a routine to be happy. 

Well here's a funny for ya... and i'm going to embarrass myself totally, but whatever right!? so the other morning i decided that i want to get ready really fast so i could study for more than an hour. so i did it and i was so proud of myself. I sat down with 20 extra minutes and started sipping my smoothie while i was reading the conference ensign. well i tried to get the smoothie out but the top layer was stuck so i shook it a little bit and BAM!!!!!!! the whole dang thing came sliding out ALLLLLLL over me. 
i'm not kidding right now, my shirt got slammed, my skirt got slammed, my undershirt got slammed, LIKE EVERYTHING. I was so mad that i didn't even make a noise and i just started fuming. i went down to the wash room with my skirt catching everything that was dripping and took off every blasted thing i had on and threw it in the washer. 
(note that sister landeen has no idea what is going on at this point). i wiped all the smoothie off my chest and then i looked in the mirror and saw that it had spilled on my face in such a way that it looked like i has a smoothie goatee. my smoothie decided to mock me!!!!! 
so pretty much by the time i got everything back in order and took care of all the smoothie drama it was time to start studying like normal. hence my bad mood for the rest of our studies. 

i'm on a smoothie protest for a couple of days. they are rude.

loves you mamas :) you are my favorite!
sister barfuss

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