Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Skyping was the BEST!!! you all looked ravishing :) seriously. the best few hours of my life. oh man man man. i love you guys WAYYYYY TOOOO MUCHHH!!! hollah for eternity!! i try not think about it because it makes me too happy :) :)
lets be together forever!? yeah? i was so excited to show sister landeen you guys :) 

1. for my birthday my zone gave me a cake and a balloon that was 3.5 wide!!! oh man it was awesome! the elders said it wouldn't fit in their car so they had to hold it out their window from the store to our church building!! hahaha
2. it's so dang hot. like 94, plus the santa anna winds from the east. it's SO hot that after we run for 30 minutes in the morning i get straight in the shower and i don't even turn on the light in order to keep it cooler in the bathroom. NOT EVEN JOKING.
3. i'm 21. that's weird.
4. i have a "court side seat to the hastening of the work." yeah boy.
5. for fhe yesterday our ward had a pool party and then watched The Sand Lot... we had to 
GET OUT OF THERE. sometimes i laugh at my life.
6. so i secretly asked president clayton about extending because i felt a prompting to. he talked to me and said that i don't need to..... *did i almost make you poop you pants mom!!??*  :)
7. the water around here tastes like garbage lately!! haha. seriously i feel like i'm drinking out of the American Falls reservoir. hahaha. there might be a dead salmon in the pipes.
8. last night there was a quaggle of coyotes eating something outside our house at 2:00 AM. it sounded like camping at grandma preece's. i was freaked out. we live right next to some wild land.
9. i am a trained family history booth sitter! people come up to our booth on saturday mornings at the farmers market and i act like i know stuff about family history, then i refer them to the SD family search library :)
10. my emailing stinks this week because we talked like yesterday..... sorry!
11. transfer calls were today and we are staying!!! thank goodness.
12. sometimes i feel like my pictures are cooler than my email. hence this week :) hehe
13. i just opened a packy from kayloni and malia! :) they are so nice to me. there were some treats, a bracelet made by malia, copies of a book, popcorn, and little happy flower, flower pen and sunny seeds! they are definitely going to help me be happy :)

Shout outs to those that made my birthday even better than i could imagine with 3D items :)  
aka- packy action

i also got kind emails from brennan, anneli, kellie, seth, elder blair -i mean kevin hahaha, and jayna!! :) i love you all so so so much!

well there it is! another week in poway land :) i love it up here. keep praying for me and i'll keep giving you funny stories okay!?

sister barfuss

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