Wednesday, October 30, 2013

"Thank you that I've almost been cured of diarrhea."

It Rained - time for the rain coat!
                                                      normal things you see in spring valley
                              our bishop is the bottom right one... in high school :) hahaha we laughed SO hard!
Mamas I love you so much. Can I just say that!? 
The weather has been rainy! Which is so weird for here! In the morning it's been about 55 and then during the day maybe 85. So basically we layer up and shed layers as the day goes. I've used my rain coat like twice now... i think it's rained 3 times in the 6 months I've been here! Hahaha but man, my coat is cute!
Sister Holly (the one you talked to in the mission office) called me and said "I just got off the phone with your mother..." and i thought someone died. Whew! That was a close one. So basically the card was already cancelled when i tried to use it but my mission debit card has enough that we're good. So no worries there! thank you for figuring that all out for me :)
Grandma is 87!? Whew!! and moo turned in her application to BYU!? DAAAANG. Life goes on even when you leave doesn't it!? Funny story about Taysom Hill. So all the oldies is my ward watch BYU football and they know i'm from Pocatello and went to BYU, so they all talk to me about it all the time! Then I told them that I went to high school with Taysom and they flipped! They always keep me posted and talk to me about the games... like i know ANYTHING about that kind of stuff right now! Hahaha!
So good to hear that you guys are working with people in the neighborhood :) YAY!! that's exactly what Heavenly Father expects of you and you answered Him! I'm telling you that simple obedience things like that make a WORLD of difference!
Has Sister Satterfield brought a delivery to you yet!? BECAUSE SHE AND I ENDED UP AT THE SAME FIRESIDE THIS WEEK!!! Here's the story... i was sitting in a fireside and this lady turns around and says "Oh sisters!! I love sisters!!" Then she told us she was from Pocatello,ID and I was like "Whaaaaaa!?" She saw my last name and asked if I was Scott's daughter! Bingo! So we talked forever and turns out she was here in Lemon Grove for a bit and decided to come to this fireside and was driving home the next day. So I went home and made up a box of stuff for her to take to you and she has it in her car right now as far as I know! So get pumped :)
This week we were sitting in a lesson with a couple in the 60s that are Less Active, and all the sudden this guy walks out of the back room and the dad says "Son. Don't you go out there and do anything stupid!! You hear me!?" The son was probably 30 or so and was tattooed up all over the place. He started getting all fired up and went hauling out the door. Well when he left, the dad told us that his son has been in some gang trouble and the gang comes to their house looking for him all the time... (uhhhhhhhh you mean the house we are in right NOW!?) So pretty much he told us that a gang member has probably already driven past looking at the house since we'd been there, On another evil note, this high school kid walked past us in the parking lot of the church and yelled "Hail satan!!!" It's a problem that a lot of the elders have around here, so it was weird when it happened to us. The world is evil and messed up. It needs the Savior, and it needs Him quick.
So your packy was to die for!!! Garments, skirts (which are SO cute and SO perfect and you SO made them!!), the tops that you sent were way cute, the hidden money, the sister sticky notes, the small Book of Mormon, and the smell goods!!! I was so happy my face was smiley all day! :D :D :D
Best line in a prayer this week: "Thank you that I've almost been cured of diarrhea."
This week a sister was playing the Christmas song in the Primary book called "Samuel's prophecy of Christ's birth" or something like that and I LOVED it. But I saw that it had 3 flats and I said NOPE! But then the Spirit said "Try it! Do it!" And I spent a lunch hour at the church practicing and I played it!!!! I love music. Mom, I'm soooooo sorry that I was a cheese head to you about the piano. I whined and cried and cried every single time. But I was wrong. You were right. Plus, because of the piano I can sing too! Tonight at Bible Study Sister Bodine and I are singing "How Great Thou Art" because we studied Psalm 8! Love that song.
I finally read moo's letter to rachel and nikki... yeah uhhh so good! Seriously that girl is amazing :) My favorite part was when she said "You know what, I'd rather be known for being honest and true then all of the other stuff." And then when she said "Sometimes choosing the right means that you get to hang out with your mom on Friday nights and guess what, that's not half bad!" :) She loves you so much mamas.
Just as an update... i've been praying for my desires and my mindsets to change (concerning  being focused on missionary work) and Heavenly Father has been helping me. I looked back at how "in control" I was a few months ago verses now, and it's certainly improved! So yet another example of the Atonement being an everyday strength that changes you dramatically over time if you stay consistent. :)
sister barfuss


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